Sunday 29 January 2012

PCH - Jam Jar Cover Ta-Dah!

Oooh, what is this beauteousness??!!

This is the project I had started working on in my last post... as the title suggests it is a jam jar cover!  I decided this qualifies as part of making a "pretty, crafty home" (hence "PCH" in the title - see the link in my sidebar).

Actually, it isn't a jam jar... it's a honey jar...

I started with this ancient jar, which has been lurking in the back of the cupboard for quite some time... seems it was out of date two years ago!  (I'm a delight, aren't I?!)

Now look what I have...

This picture still shows glue residue on the two sides of the jar, where the label was.  I guess it had been on so long, it did not want to relinquish its sticky hold on the jar, no matter how much soaking, scrubbing and nail-varnish remover-ing I did to it!!!

After the Lumberjack and some white spirit stepped in... finally the jar was clean and sparkling!!  (Although a slightly dingy photo below...)

The pattern was from the book Cute and Easy Crochet.  Although I ended up changing it a bit, as mine was coming up very small.  I had to add extra rows etc...not sure what I was doing wrong... but I love how it's turned out!

If I get round to it, I may make more!  It's fitting it in around the many projects buzzing in my mind.  Not to mention the quest to find a job, and studying for a course I've just signed up for to help me with my future career prospects!  (But I won't bore you with that stuff - it just doesn't match the craft fun!)

And... in the theme of a pretty, crafty home... I've bought this lovely new hand towel for the kitchen.  It's not really crafty, but it's pretty.  And I think it looks a bit like rows of crochet - so it's got a bit of a crafty theme, at a push!

Sorry - dingy photo again!

Ooooh, and I just won a giveaway!!!!  So exciting!  I'll blog about it properly when it arrives!


  1. Love the pretty crochet jam jar cover - would make a lovely pressie idea.

    And the towel does look very crochet crafty.

    Congrats on your giveaway win x

    Leah x

  2. It looks great, so pretty with it's little ribbon! I've been washing out jam jars and bottles today and having trouble with sticky labels - will try some white spirit and see if it does the trick! hehe. Am intrigued by the 'pretty crafty home' too, that's what I am slowly trying to achieve, I will pop across and look at the link! Jenny xxx

  3. Your cover looks really lovely. Well done. :)


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