Wednesday 1 February 2012

PCH - Fabric Coasters Ta-Dah!

At the weekend I quickly whipped up these fabric coasters for the bedroom - another step towards having a pretty crafty home (link in sidebar)...

I love the fabric!  I used a plain pink fabric for the back, and wadding in the middle.

I probably should have staged that photo, and found some pretty things to put on the bedside table, other than the ancient alarm clock that lives there!  But it was Monday morning and, as you can see from the time on the clock, I should have been well on my way to work - not faffing around taking photos of coasters!!!

Oh, and here is another shot of the jar-cover from my last post... complete with strawberry bonbons!  Yes, I bought them for the sole reason that I thought they'd look pretty in the jar!  (I'm sure that won't stop me munching on them, though!)



  1. Now, I am impressed by two things here:
    1) lovely coasters- gorgeous fabric, cute, beautifully made
    2) clean and tidy bedside table (mine is littered with dust, Lego, books, tissues, and of course, dust.)

  2. Have to agree with the above comment!

    Love the Cherry fabric...I think I had my eye on some of this on Ebay the other day...very it!

    Nicky xx

  3. Love the coasters, great idea and great fabric - pretty!

    S x

  4. oh there so pretty oh wow so beautiful
    From Ella xoxo

  5. Love these. The jar is fabulous. I too must confess that my bedside table is in a tragic state (mainly dust)!! xxx

  6. That fabric is just gorgeous and works great as coasters. Confession from me too - terribly messy and dusty bedside table!
    Becky x


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