Tuesday 3 January 2012

Crafty Presents

Happy New Year!!

I thought I'd show some of my crafty Christmas presents...

Well, this one isn't crafty... but it's so cute - lovely ceramic measuring spoons!

Crafty supplies from my Lumberjack...

I especially love the two packs of ribbons:

A Cath Kidston owl pin cushion from my parents - I think it's too nice to stick pins into, though, so I'll use it as a decoration!

Lovely fabric - I think I'll try some patchwork with this - maybe a cushion! 

A Cath Kidston crochet tin 'book'... 

... containing yarn and a pattern to make a granny cushion!

Lots of projects to be getting on with!


  1. What lovely pressies! I love that CK tin...I couldn't stick pins in that sweet owl either!:)x

  2. Snap! Those measuring spoons are fab arent they! Im a little scared I'll break mine though :(

    All you're presents are lovely, you've obviously been a good girl too!

    Rhi x x

  3. Love those measuring spoons, how cute are they??! And everything else, lucky you! Have fun making your cushion :) I'm making two myself at the mo but not sure what to do for the reverse! Have a lovely rest of the week xxx

  4. Wow! Fantastic presents! I got the CK knitting book and would love the crochet one too! And those spoons are so cute! xx

  5. Ha ha - spoon envy too! Lovely,lovely presents - bet you're itching to get 'making'!
    Emily x

  6. Oh my! That Cath Kidston crochet 'book' is amazing :D
    Have a great 2012!

  7. Oooh you're so lucky. I love those spoons, so cute.
    You had better get busy with your 'book'!! Its so pretty, i'd deffo be keeping the tin for chocolate supplies afterwards!


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