Monday 29 May 2017

Colour Block Crochet Blanket Update

This is just a quick post today to update you on the squares I've made so far for my colour block blanket!

If you like bright bold colour blocking then this is the blanket for you.  Click to watch this come together from vibrant crochet squares.

These are made in King Cole Bamboo Cotton which I love working with.  A great soft smooth yarn, and it comes in such vibrant colours.

I plan to make 12 squares, so I'm half way through that stage of the blanket.  This is actually pretty quick progress for me!

I still need to sew ends in - I've done some, but got lazy.  I planned to make sure they were all sewn in as each square was finished, but I keep getting impatient to see the next colour combination come together!  The first two colours of each square are nice and easy - but the third colour seems to take forever, and that's when I slow down and lose my drive a bit.  So once I manage to get through that bit, the last thing I feel like doing is sewing in ends!

I know they look a bit wiggly and twisty at the moment, but that should sort itself out once they are made into the blanket.

I'm so pleased that it's coming together exactly as I had envisioned!  What do you think of it so far?

Check out my completed crochet items here.

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  1. Lazy me, you have probably said it, but how large is one square? It looks yummy regardless! xxx

  2. No, I am the lazy one!! I did think I should measure the squares to give an idea - as it's hard to get the proportions without anything to compare them to. But I couldn't be bothered! And I am now upstairs typing this, and the squares are downstairs... so I will measure them another time and email you! :) Lazy! xxx


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