Sunday 5 February 2017

Handmade Crochet Hook and a 2017 Goal

I've been meaning to share this with you since Christmas... a beautiful handmade present from my friend Anna...

She actually MADE that gorgeous wooden crochet hook, can you believe it?!  Such a cool present, one-of-a-kind.  I love it, thank you Anna!

The buttons shown with it are some that my sister-in-law picked out for me - she found a lovely selection of different cute buttons that I am determined to actually use in projects rather than save forever because they are too pretty to use!

Actually that brings me onto a bit of a craft goal of mine for 2017.  I know it's already February and maybe a bit late for waffling on about goals now... but better late than never, I say!

I have decided that 2017 is going to be a stash-busting year for me.  I want to finish works in progress that I've had hanging around for years... (I'm talking to you stripy blanket!) and also try to make things with all the crafty stash I currently have.  I've got yarn, buttons, ribbons, pretty fabrics... I want to turn them into lovely and/or useful items rather than leave them languishing in my craft room.

I'm not saying I won't buy new supplies, but I'm aiming to only buy new things if I have an actual project in mind for them that I plan to make imminently (not at some point in the dark and distant future) and rather than just because they're pretty!

I will be sure to update you on how this goes...

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  1. Your crochet hook is amazing! What a talented friend you have x

  2. Ha, I hope it works... Good craft goals. Always good to have some plans - I am still on with my knitting! xxx

    1. I need to get onto the knitting too! I have the tools...!!! xx


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