Sunday 19 February 2017


If you follow this blog, you probably know me more for crocheting than anything else, although I enjoy all manner of crafty pursuits!

I've actually known how to knit for far longer than I've known how to crochet, as my Mum taught me to knit when I was a child.  You can see a few of my knitted creations in my Knitting Tab.  There are, in fact, only five that I've made since blogging!  (There is a lot more to see in my Crochet Tab.)

But do you ever get the feeling you're being pulled/pushed in a certain direction?!  I think more knitting is definitely on the cards for me!

Firstly, my boyfriend's Mum gave me a knitting machine that she refurbished for my birthday/Christmas in December.  I need to put aside some time to set it up and learn how to use it.  I haven't got a clue at present, but I'm looking forward to experimenting, once I pluck up the courage - it's a bit daunting!

Then in December I won an advent competition run by @knitcrafthq (the yarny part of Hobbycraft) on Instagram - you can follow me @dinki_dots.  I didn't actually know what the prize was going to be, until it arrived in January... an amazing set of KnitPro Symfonie knitting needles!

Now these are some fancy-pants knitting needles - they aren't cheap and they feel so smooth to the touch.  The yarn must just glide over them, I really need to get started on a knitting project to try them out!

Then... as if knitting wasn't calling my name loudly enough... my kind friend Alex of The Interior DIYer sent me this Cath Kidston knitting bag!

How gorgeous is that?!  She wasn't really using it, and felt that it would find a more useful home with me.  It was a complete surprise package to come home from work to, which was very exciting!  I was very touched and it will receive lots of love with me!  Thanks Alex!

It's such a cool bag, with the retro styling on the outside and the classic Cath Kidston florals in the lining.

Those fabulous knitting needles featured in the bag were a gift from my friend Anna for my 30th birthday seven (seven?? - how did that happen?!) years ago.  I used one of the pairs to make my knitted cowl which I have got loads of wear out of.

So, I think I can safely say I'm well kitted out for this knitting malarkey and it's about time I got my backside in gear and got on with it!

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  1. I have used KnitPro circular needle, it is really good. Fancy-pants is definitely the way forward - specially if you win them! I am looking forward to your future knits! xx

  2. You said the circular needle was good - so these should be lovely and glidey too! I should stop talking about knitting, and start doing! xx

  3. Hahaha, well already it's getting more use than I directed at that poor thing! I'm happy as that's all that I wanted. It sat in the cupboard in our spare bedroom with our Christmas decorations for far too long. I'm just glad it will see a bit of action now. If only to store those killer needles and some yarn ;)


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