Sunday 29 January 2017

Crochet Finger Sloth

I follow Alia @thelittlebeenz on Instagram and saw the most adorable little sloth on her feed in December.  I knew I had to make one!  Luckily, despite the rush of Christmas, Alia worked on and released the pattern for this cute little guy which I snapped up straight away!

Finally I have had the time to get to work on one...

I have a friend whose daughter is mad about sloths.  I find that amigurumi can take me forever (as in the case of Gary the Snail!) so had shied away from committing to make a sloth in the past.  But a finger sloth!!!  The mini size made it much more manageable and most importantly... finishable!

I love how these finger sloths are designed to be bright and colourful too... it makes it more fun to work on than it would have been in more accurate browns!  Much better!!

Looks like the finger sloth and the monkey are getting on well...!

Pattern:  Finger Sloth by TheLittleBeeNZ
Hook Size:  4.5mm (due to my tight tension)
Yarn:  A mix of King Cole CottonSoft DK and King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK

So that's yet another completed amigurumi creature - my first finished item of 2017!  For someone who doesn't really enjoy the making part of amigurumi I seem to make a lot!  But they are so cute!!

Crochet Finger Sloth

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  1. I LOVE SLOTHS! They're so sad and smiley and I just want to hug them! Did you know sloths are the only mammals that can be green? Well, they're not really green, they're just so slow that moss grows in their hair / fur.

    Seriously, this little one is so adorable. I really want to be able to crochet little creatures for Cora. But then I think of how manky they'd get ... I suppose I'd just crochet more!


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