Wednesday 26 August 2015

Book Reviews - July

I didn't finish any books in June, so there were no book reviews for that month.  My reading (along with my crafting!) has been pretty slow-going lately.

I did finish one book in July, though.  I started it in May, so it took a while, due to other things going on in my life.

- Mark Billingham

I don't think I got fully into this book, due to how long it took me to read and what with everything else going on.  But that's no fault of the book!

The story revolves around a young woman who has been attacked and left in a coma, unable to move or communicate.  However, she can still see, hear, think and feel.  Other women have been attacked in a similar way, but have been killed.  DI Tom Thorne is on the case to find the person responsible, and communicating with the girl in the coma could be the key to cracking the case.

I do think it was a good book, but perhaps didn't enjoy it as much as a few I had read previously.  I'm not sure I quite warmed to the characters.  I think it's worth a read, but didn't leave me that excited.  Although, again, it might be due to my lack of focus when reading it.

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  1. I must admit, I started reading this book earlier this year but abandoned it after a while. Like you I couldn't warm to the characters and I never felt gripped by the story.

    1. That's interesting to hear, Janet, that you had the same feeling that I did. I did wonder if it was my fault for being distracted from it... but interesting that you found the same thing.

  2. Sounds interresting though.. but my mountain of books is about to hit the ceiling. Cannot add another one at the moment or I will have to build a tower extension.. Great to see you back on the blog Maria! xxx

    1. I know, so many books to read and so little time! Yes, back on the blog - but I really need to get some crafty posts done. I despair of myself!!! xxx

  3. The plot sounds really good, thank you for your honest review xxxx Leah


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