Thursday 22 August 2013


I baked my first cake in our new house the other day, in the very OLD oven!  I don't think it got hot enough, as the cake didn't rise that well, but we still enjoyed it...

(New sofa and armchair arrived that day too, which you can see - very exciting after an 8 week wait!)

I think there will have to be more practise baking to come, until I get the oven doing what I want it to...

Must just add... this is a very carefully aimed shot which doesn't show the piles of junk and the 'in-progress' parts of the lounge/diner!  Don't be fooled into thinking all is perfection!


  1. Oh it does look great though! I wouldn't mind a slice of that! Hazel x

  2. All looks lovely! Loving your cake knife too! Sue x

  3. Yummmmmmy.... This cake looks divine. And the room looks fab too.
    Hope your weekend is fab.
    Melanie x

  4. I think your cake looks great and I bet it all got eaten. Inherited ovens when you move house, tell me about them! Treat yourself to an oven thermometer for a few pounds, makes all the difference when baking.


  5. I love your photo - looks wonderful but your honestly made me smile so! I love being able to nose into peoples homes via their blog photos, yes I am a very nosy parker!! Cake looks delicious too, Sam xx

  6. Your cake looks divine, but I will admit I was wholly distracted by the background! Fully admiring your new sofa and armchair combo! I heart that colour oh so much.

    And I take a lot of those sneaky pictures too - what's going on behind me is sheer chaos, but no one need no. Your secret is safe with me ;)

    I've said it before, cannot wait to see MOAR.

    xx A

  7. LOL! Im partial to a "well-angled" photo myself! That cake looks delicious though so mess or not, my attentions would have all been on the cake!

    Hope you are settling in to your new home well,

    Rhi x x

  8. It looks yummy. And I am impressed you have time to bake with all that decoration and moving in to do!

    Like the look of your livingroom - very homely.

    And is that the special table? Important to have those things!


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