Sunday 1 September 2013

Dresser Makeover!

Thanks all for the lovely comments on my last post - really appreciated!  Here is a little bit more progress in the living room - a dresser makeover...

We acquired a free pine dresser from someone we know who was moving and wanted to
get rid of it.  (I always wondered how people manage to get lucky enough to get bargain dressers to do up - and this time it was me!!)

It had a few knocks and dinks, and some missing knobs...

But we sanded, primed and painted (and were well fed up of it by the end!) and this is the result:  (Unfortunately the light was a lot better when I took the before pictures - and it was in the conservatory - so they are a lot warmer and brighter - typical)

We used Laura Ashley eggshell in cotton white:

We thought it was more of an off-white than it looks when painted, but we still like it!

We bought these lovely porcelain knobs off ebay for it...

(All piles of rubbish have been moved out of the way for these photos - in fact the whole table complete with it's covering of junk has been moved out of the shot!)

Then it was time to fill the dresser...

I'm sure I'll keep moving the arrangement around!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a transformation! Love love LOVE it, you've done an amazing job :) (do I recognise the jug from previous posts too??)

    We did something similar with a welsh dresser back in April and I have to say, I've been looking for something else to "upcycle" ever since!

    Rhi @ The Sewing Boutique x x

  2. Great Job! It is beautiful, my daughter and I have refinished a few pieces ourselves ...the outcome is always worth it! I love your display.

  3. Well done. Ive got a similar dresser, but cant persuade OH that it needs to be white (not pine). This looks fabulous, you should be very proud of yourselves. :o)

  4. Oh me oh my, I've got dresser envy. Well done you it looks beautiful.

    Melanie x

  5. Oh Maria, it's gorgeous. Nailed. It.

    You and Lumberjack did an amazing job. I'd say at times it was daunting and felt like the painting would never end! I've never painted a piece that big before, so I can only imagine a couple of coats would be a real test. It looks SO lovely with all your tea cups on it! The subtle difference in colour between it and the wall really makes it pop.

    Just a little thought I had - would you consider adding cup hooks to the underside of your shelves? I added them randomly to the shelves in our living room (as well as kitchen), and they command empty space really well. You can see them here under number 6. I started a hole off with a nail, and then manually twisted in the cup hook until it was really tight and secure. If you do get them, make sure you get white rubber so your cups don't slip off easily ;)

    Okay, I'll stop typing now. Sorry for clogging your comments with linkage.

    1. Thanks Alex! Yep, we did two coats of primer and two of the paint - so VERY fed up of it by the end. Think it was worth it though!

      Glad you think the colour works against the wall colour - that was the effect we hoped it would have - it's just hard to tell if it'll be right until it's done!

      And... you read our minds about the cup hooks! We are planning to get some white ones - think it will really work well - quite excited about it actually! I love yours on your bookcase - they look spot on.

  6. Oh wow I love it. You have made a wonderful job of giving your dresser a makeover, and it looks so pretty with the new handles and all you lovely nic-nacs arranged on it. Well done! (I am only a teensy bit jealous, lol!!)take care, Sam xx

  7. I love the picture of you moving in to the dresser! Hours of fun moving things around! It looks really beautiful - good selection of pretty things there madam!


  8. I am in love with it, it looks great. First visit to your blog today and enjoyed snooping round. I am making a dress for Autumn at the moment. Jo x

  9. Wow!....Your dresser looks beautiful and the Laura Ashley eggshell paint is great, isn't it? It must have been great fun to add your pretty china after all the hard work,
    Happy Friday!
    Susan x
    P.S The porcelain knobs are gorgeous too!

  10. OMG I am *soooooo* jealous! This looks gorgeous, great job! You look so happy in your new home :)

  11. That's lovely. What a difference! Those blue handles against the white work really nicely. Gorgeous. x


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