Sunday 4 August 2013

Crochet, Cranes and Crafting!

What with all the house stuff taking over lately - I felt the overwhelming desire to crochet again!  I had to give in...

Simple granny squares using leftover baby yarn from old projects.  Quite quick to whip up a square here and there, to give me a crafting fix.

In between I'm fitting in some origami cranes...

These are for a friend's wedding - they plan to have 1000 cranes in various shades of green decorating the venue!  I've been tasked with making 25 of them... I'm getting there...

I've also been doing some organising of my paperwork - (I've called it 'Crafting' in my post heading - as 'Organisation' doesn't begin with 'C' !)  The crafting comes in with the magazine files that I've covered in wrapping paper:

This was some wrapping paper that I had lying around - I really love the bright colourful pattern.  It's not the best quality paper - a bit thin and flimsy - but it looks alright.  It does the job, and makes me happy!

I also designed some quick simple labels for the files... which made me ridiculously excited!

It's the simple things....!


  1. Love the colours of your squares.
    Wow that's a lot of cranes!
    Your paperwork files look fantastic. Great ideal for brightening things up.

  2. Love the folders, the cranes and the crochet are nice quick fixes for you. Well done. :o)

  3. Oh my goodness, your granny squares are precious! This is just what I needed to see to inspire me back into crochet {that Tunisian crochet = nightmare}.

    Digging your organization skillz. I do like a little project that to give a little boost to otherwise boring paperwork. Also, that wrapping paper is adorable.

    xx A

  4. Good on you getting so organised! Love all your crocheted squares...lovely range of colours there :-)Those origami cranes, especially 1000 of them will certainly look magnificent in the wedding decorations; great idea!

  5. OOohh yes love all the colours in your post. Your crochet looks pretty and your folders are fab!! If I saw fabric in that print design I would just have to buy it. It's very satisfying to get organised isn't it? You inspire me :o)

  6. Loving those colours. Wish I could chose good colour schemes so easily. Bet this will look lovely when it's finished.



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