Friday 14 June 2013

New Home - Bathroom Transformation!

Thanks for the comments on my garden!

Now, from something that was ready-made pretty... to the bathroom.  This needed some work!

Here are some pictures (too many maybe?!) to take you through the transformation!




As you can see - it's a teeny tiny bathroom - but it's a fancy teeny tiny bathroom now!  We just need to add some accessories and personal touches.

(The main tiles are white with pale grey horizontal lines going across them - but that doesn't show up very well in the photos - they just look plain white).

Have all these pictures made it difficult for the page to load?!  I hope not.

Well, I'd better go and ready for work!  I hope you enjoyed the transformation...  :o)


  1. Oh MAN Maria. My hat is off to you - what a transformation, and so quickly after you moved in! That bathroom is (wait for it) tore up from the floor up.

    You hit the nail on the head with the choice of fixtures and finishings. I love how (it looks like) you didn't go with a typical white grout on the walls. And what caught my eye more - the scale and pattern of the tiles on the walls, floors and even the doors on the undersink storage - are all in keeping with eachother and match seamlessly. Does that make sense?

    Cannot WAIT to see the rest of your home. Totes awesome work. xx A

    1. Thanks Alex - I'm lapping up the bathroom love! We did try to keep all the bits in keeping with each other, but some of it is more by lucky chance than design! Yep, we went for grey grout - we were a bit nervous, but we love it! Also (on the practical side) hopefully it will be less prone to the usual grout mankiness... we will see...!

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  3. Wow, what a tansformation. Very contempory. It looks like a posh hotel bathroom now! Well done. :o)

  4. Wow! Such a looks beautiful! You've done the hard work and now you can have fun adding all your accessories...
    Happy new week to you,
    Susan x

  5. I love your new bathroom. You have inspired me! We have just moved house too and have a terrible pink bathroom suite which we want to rip out. We have had a few quotes but want to do it ourselves as they are way over our budget. What was the hardest part and do you have any tips?

  6. Good job! The bathroom doesn't look as tiny as it really is. You can truly work wonders with the right mix of colors and strategic design. Thumbs up!

  7. This is what you call a total makeover. You have a gorgeous bathroom! It might not be that spacious compared to other bathrooms that I've seen, but it simply conveys what a bathroom should look like – a clean and fresh area! It was great that you keep your old window too. I don't see the need for a replacement because it provides the place with a sufficient amount of light and privacy.

    Derrick Moran @ DryTech Roofing


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