Saturday 8 June 2013

New Home - Garden


Thanks for the lovely comments on the wedding embroidery in my last post!

Progress has been made with the new house - we got the keys three weeks ago yesterday, but we only stayed over for the first time on Thursday.  We've been having gas central heating installed (as there were only old electric heaters) and the bathroom replaced - all very disruptive stuff!  My parents kindly put us up while those bits were being done, but it's great to be living here now.  Still lots to do, though, to get the house sorted!

Despite the chaos of the house, the garden has been a beautiful haven!  Here are some pictures (finally Anna!)...

Spot the old hot-water tank in the background, awaiting disposal - how attractive!

This tree was covered in blossom when we got the keys - it was so pretty!

I can't believe this is my garden!!!!  I love it!

Next time - before and after shots of the new bathroom...!


  1. Wow, what a huge garden, just great for growing veggies. Those peonies are lovely. How exciting for you. Dont forget to get your scrap copper weighted in (we got £140 for our hot water tank and some piping). Keep those pics comming. :o)

  2. What a beuatiful en huge garden!!

  3. Lovely! I cannot wait to come and see it! Also your peonies - beautiful. Lucky you!!


  4. Oh how lovely! It's already, ready made! Great stuff :) Hazel x

  5. A real haven. Those peonies are stunners. A beautiful setting for a garden party, or when dining al fresco spills into the late hours.

    How many bedrooms do you have? I've packed my bags.

    1. Three bedrooms - the mini one is going to be my craft room (yay!) - you can have the middle one!! ;o) (The Lumberjack says bring your decorating clothes!!!)


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