Monday 1 July 2013


Hello!  Well - after the bathroom transformation there has been slow progress around here.  But things started to come together this weekend - and it might not be too long until we can start using the living room - we've been using the conservatory as our living room so far!

But in the meantime I have treated myself to a little extravagant purchase for the bedroom...

A Greengate alarm clock!  (I found in the sale!)

And in the background you can see the colour we've painted the master bedroom.  It's Wickes Duck Egg.  It's actually not what I would call duck egg - as it's a bit more aqua in real life than the blue it looks in the photos.  We love the colour though!

The bedroom isn't finished yet, and we're still waiting for our bed to be delivered - we've been sleeping on a mattress on the floor.  Will show you more when I can!

The clock is actually rather useless as an alarm clock - there is no snooze, and the off button is a tiny little on/off switch on the back.  When you've just been woken up, the last thing you want to do is scrabble around for a tiny little switch on the back of an alarm clock!  Oh well... it looks good!


  1. OOh love the clock. It's so pretty it makes up for being a useless waker-upper! Glad your new home is coming together, I love the blue wall colour, Sam xx

  2. Very pretty! It is the little details that makes it! Like the pillow case as well.. As I keep saying - cannot wait to see it all!


  3. Maria your home is coming together beautifully. I adore that clock so hard, and together with what I can see of the bedding along with that wall colour = heaven. I genuinely am jealous of your fun and lighthearted scheme. You have such a good eye for adorable, cottagey, yet modern-cute. Cath Kidston would be jealous.

    xx A

  4. Wowsers!
    Love the clock and the pillowcase in the background looks so pretty too!
    Looks like you're having fun decorating.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Sarah x


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