Monday 19 November 2012

The Ultimate Cowl - Ta Dah!

Well, I finished the crochet I was working on in my last post!  Such a quick and easy project - I used Sarah's Ultimate Cowl/Snood pattern at Annaboo's House, here.  Thanks Sarah!

Yesterday was a lovely sunny autumn day, so the Lumberjack and I tried to get some pictures of the cowl in use.  (Such fun for him, I'm sure!)

I look a bit evil in this next one, but it shows more of the cowl!


And these next ones are just silly ones, but we had to show off the gorgeous colours of the leaves - so bright and vibrant!  In fact, we should have left me out of the shot completely, as you can't properly see the cowl anyway!!

So, there you have it - this is my November monthly make.  Phew, made it in plenty of time this month...


  1. Great cowl, loves them for winter :)
    Karen x

  2. I love the colour and pattern - very pretty! I'm really enjoying crochet at the moment, really satisfying and super relaxing after a hard day.

  3. It is lovely. And so soft! 15mm hooks are definitely the way forward!


  4. Nice! I am sure you could do something for bikers and get your man to test it out! What about a high quality snood?


  5. I'm dropping by from the flickr group as Miss November to let you know how much I love your cowl and the cheery way it's modelled! It looks like a wonderful pattern


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