Thursday 29 November 2012

One Year Together!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my cowl in the last post!

On Tuesday it was one year since the Lumberjack and I went on our first date - how time flies!!!

Here we have a photo of the Lumberjack - making his d├ębut appearance on my blog!  I took this the other day when he was feeling a bit poorly, so had decided he needed to get cozy under my unfinished waterlily blanket.  (Just off the picture are lots of squares only sewn together on 2 sides, so it was a bit gappy and drafty!)  I couldn't resist a picture of him surrounded by my girlie and homemade goodies!  There's my round PiP Studio cushion, my handmade fabric cushion behind his head, and just peeping in on the left is my african flower cushion!  And you are all getting quite a good view there of the waterlily blanket - although the light wasn't good for the photo.  Once I finish it, there will be a proper reveal!

Now, talking of crochet blankets, my lovely Swedish friend Anna - who I've mentioned before (the one who taught me to crochet, and is so much better at it than me!) - is the queen of crochet blankets!  And... guess what... she has just started her own blog - yay!  It is called 'Number 11' - so go over for a look and give some blog love!  It's in Swedish, so use Google Translate to read it.  (Although, I might try to persuade her to write it in English hehehe!)  I am sure there will be much more loveliness to come, as she is very talented - you can see a peak of some of her blankets in the last post!  (I haven't actually told her that I'm doing this shout-out in my blog, so I hope she doesn't tell me off... eeek!!!!!!!!)


  1. LOL! Could you not have found your man a more "manly" blanket??!

    Congrats on reaching a year together, I hope the next one flies by for you too :)

    Rhi @ The Sewing Boutique

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  3. Congratulations to you both on your first anniversary! It does seem to have flown by. I hope the coming year brings you both even more happiness.
    Your blanket is looking lovely and good on your chap for modelling it so well! Not emasculating in the slightest!
    Becky x

  4. Congrats on your anniversary! Love your blanket too, such great colours, I'm sure he felt better being under it :)

    S x

  5. Happy one year!

    And lucky LJ being surronded by all your goodies. Just what you need when you are poorly. The blanket looks lovely!

    And thank you for kind words!


  6. Congratulations on you first anniversary! Your blanket is so gorgeous, I love the colours! Sure to make anyone feel better :)
    Helen x

  7. I had noticed you commented on a few blogs that I read, so I thought I would check out your blog. I am now a follower!! Would you be so kind to look at my blog too please? It is called coffee with tams. I love that you live in England. I have always wanted to visit there. I live in boring old Iowa...........


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