Sunday 11 November 2012

New Project

I've started on a new project!  I needed something quick and easy for some instant satisfaction, alongside trying to finish off the waterlily blanket (sewing squares together, and trying to sew all those boring ends in as I go... eurgh!).

Super chunky yarn and a 15mm hook... so quick!  (Thanks Annaboo!)  It shouldn't be long before a ta-dah moment!

I did a bit of baking last weekend, and made some lemon oat streusel squares... well, this one is more of a rectangle than a square:

But the rest were squares.  Well, apart from the first one out of the bakeware... what a mess!  So, to dispel any false impressions of perfection indicated by the above picture, see below... oh dear!

It still tasted good!  :o)


  1. Ha funny, I was holding a 15mm hook in the shop this week-end, but did not get it as I have no project, but some super chunky yarn is an idea... looks nice. And yummy cake!


  2. What a lovely blog. I'm gonna follow you. You used beautifull colours and have nice ideas. You can always visit me if you like.

    Have a nice week.
    Greetz Francoise

  3. A mystery quickie project - how exciting! And yummy pudding too! I'm really impressed you're plugging away at your blanket, so much patience. Looking forward to your finished ta-dah!
    Becky x


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