Tuesday 24 July 2012

Fabric Basket

Thanks for all the comments on my last post!  I really enjoyed reading them, as always!

What have I been making now...?  Well, ages ago I spotted a gorgeous fabric basket, that I knew I had to make!  The tutorial is here on the Pink Penguin Blog.  She makes such gorgeous things and there are lots of lovely tutorials that are very tempting.

The fabric basket really called to me, though... and here is what I made...

I love the bright pretty colours!  It's a dinky little thing - about 4 inches x 6 inches and 3.5 inches tall.  This will be my July Monthly Make #2.

Not sure what to put in it yet - at the moment it sits on the side looking cheerful!  I'm thinking that next Easter it will be rather delightful filled with some Cadbury Creme Eggs!  Although I've got a while to wait for that...

I finished that last week, and have since been having yarn urges!  At Christmas I ended up with two copies of 'Cute and Easy Crochet' - I took one of them back to Hobby Craft and swapped it for some yarn in the sale.  I made a cowl out of one of the balls - which I wore all the time when it was cold - such lovely soft wool.

I also got some Rowan by Amy Butler Belly Organic Aran yarn - 50% wool and 50% cotton.  It is such gorgeous yarn, so very soft and delicious!  But I've had it waiting for a good project all this time...

I know the weather is unbelievably hot here now (so shocked - thought the rain would never end!) - but I am still feeling some knitting or crochet coming on... watch this space!


  1. Really sweet basket, i love it, can just see it filled with cream eggs.....yum
    Karen xxxx

  2. such a dotey basket! and filled with treats it'll be gorgeous :) Wow, I'd love a cream egg now!

  3. The basket is so cute and I really love the colours! I'm sure you'll find lots of uses for it :)

  4. Wow, you are good at sewing! Maybe you can put yarns in them.

  5. I've been knitting which in this heat did feel a bit odd but when you get a crafty urge you have to go with it. Well done on the fabric basket it looks great.

  6. Oh my goodness i think your basket is so cute my sister would love it cause shes such a girly girl . Put lots of nice things into it.

    Have a fab weekend
    Ella xxxx

  7. Pretty, I have just been looking at it on her blog myself as a possible tutorial to do. I have seen similar on other blogs but I tink these are the best instructions.

  8. LOVE your little basket- very sweet! Colours are great, too.
    Great idea to keep chocolate in it. Ha ha!!
    Look forward to seeing what you make next.
    Have a great weekend. Rain again here. Bah!
    PS have restocked my Etsy shop with jewellery goodies and have a discount code on my blog if you fancy it!

  9. Thanks so much for being one of my followers Maria would you like the recipe for the gingerbread men :D
    Ella xxx

  10. Maria i was just wondering would you please comment on my new post
    Thanks a million
    From Ella xoxoxoxo

  11. Ive made one of these baskets too, am planning on making some more to fill and give to family for Xmas. Thanks for the link. :o)


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