Saturday 14 July 2012

Laptop Sleeve - July Monthly Make

I decided I needed a laptop sleeve for my work laptop, for when I work from home so need to transport it.

It's for work... so let's make it look professional and corporate...

Or.... how about pretty and girlie?!

Yeah, that's more fun!  Pink cherry fabric on the outside, with pink buttons and elastic to fasten it...

... and brushed cotton heart fabric on the inside!  The brushed cotton is lovely and soft.

That heart fabric is actually from an XL pair of pyjama bottoms I found in the discount bin in Primark!  £1 - and there is soooo much fabric!  They are so big that I can fit both my legs into one of the pyjama legs!  Want to see a picture???

Of course you do......!!

The lighting is bad, but you get the idea - those two little blue things are my feet poking out of one leg - the other leg is empty!  Yes... this is the sort of thing I do when I'm alone in my flat................!!!!



  1. I love the fabric! Well done on your Primarni bargin (I get lots of my fabric from charity shops). :o)

  2. Mwahh, it looks like a diet 'after' photo! Some of my fave fabrics were once PJ's. Lovely make x

  3. great idea for laptop, love the color design :)

  4. I would have done the same thing, after all these things just have to be done :)

    I love the fabric though, well spotted.

    The laptop case looks great, very practical but also very pretty :) x x x x

  5. Haha you make me laugh! Love the pj bottoms picture.

    Great design on the laptop cover. Bet it feels better taking work home, when it comes in such lovely packaging!


  6. That is just perfect and I love the piccy of you in one leg of the PJs! You have made me feel guilty for not making a sleeve for my mum's kindle yet!

    I've blogged about you...

  7. oh Maria thank you so much for being my follower i put up a new post please comment on it :D

    Have a fab weekend


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