Tuesday 31 July 2012

Being Organised...

I've been organising the yarn I'm using for my Waterlily Blanket.

Making sure that I can remember what each colour is called, for future reference.  The make, thickness (e.g DK), colour and washing instructions are recorded on little cards, along with a few strands of the yarn.

I plan to do this for every yarn I use in various projects from now on - so that if I ever am wondering what colours to use for new projects, I will have some reference points!  Especially if ordering online, when it is sometimes difficult to know what the colour will look like in reality.

I'll keep them all in some kind of little box or something - I haven't got that far yet!

And here is the project these colours are from - a few more squares of the Waterlily Blanket...

I've been a bit distracted from it recently, but I need to get back into it!  I plan to do 81 squares - I've done 20 so far, so a way to go!  (2 aren't in the above picture)

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post - much appreciated!  :o)


  1. That is such a great idea.

  2. How fantastically organised you are, I'm green with envy! That is a great idea, you can get some great deals online but I'm always wary of the colours. The squares made so far are beautiful,keep up the good work. x

  3. What a brilliant idea. And do you know what else I love about it, they look kinda pretty too :) x x x x

  4. What a brilliant idea Maria
    By the way did you get my email???
    Ella xoxoxo

  5. Oooh I love a bit of organisation! Looks fab!

    Rhi x x

  6. Lovely colours! And such a great idea to index all your yarns like that...it's so easy to forget which is which, especially when you order a lot of them online. It looks pretty too :)
    Helen x

  7. That shawl pattern is beautiful! What about buying more of the same wool to finish it? If you can't find it, change colours and do a different colour with the leftover blue in-between. If you're not sure you're a shawl kind of person, I'll bet you can find someone who is! It would make a lovely gift!
    Those waterlily squares are in lovely fresh colours!
    Excellent idea to do the colour swatches with the yarns on little cards! I do the same but on one big thin cardboard with holes punched in and keep it folded in two in an envelope for future reference.
    It looks as if you have several lovely crafts on the go!


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