Saturday 10 March 2012


Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on the start of my flower crochet blanket, and on the bunting!  We all love bunting!!  :o)

Oh... and I should have mentioned in my last post that the bunting is my March Make No1.  It is also part of my mission to have a pretty, crafty home.  (See 'A Monthly Make' and 'Pretty Crafty Home' in my sidebar).

I have been busy trying to get things decluttered, tidied, organised... and trying to do projects that have been on my list for months on end!

One project involved using this lovely (bit creased!) material:

I started with these two sorry looking fake leather brown footcubes:

I've had these for years, and they are all squished and squashed, and needed their filling topping up.  I've been lightening and brightening my living room over the last 6 months or so, and this dark colour just isn't right anymore!  Not to mention that they barely ever get used and are just taking up space that I don't really have.  I didn't want to get rid of them completely, so I decided to replace these two with...

...this one!!  I made the cube (complete with zip on the bottom for filling) and filled it up using the beans from the horrible brown ones!

Much better!!  This is my March Make No2, and again, part of making a pretty, crafty home!

But... I didn't stop there!  Another job I've been meaning to do is to prettify this cube storage thingy...

Looking dull and dreary... (the fact that it was dark, and I didn't use a flash, didn't help!)

I emptied it ready to get to work:

Then I made backings by cutting out squares of card from cereal boxes, and covering them in lovely wallpaper.  I had a bit of rearrange of my bits and bobs, and here is the result...

I love it!

I've been meaning to do this for so long, and I'm so glad I finally got round to it!

Oh, and if you spotted the little owl and penguin in the top left cube... here they are in more detail:

I made these nearly a year ago.  The owl was inspired by a knitted one made by cupcakejojo, and the penguin then followed!

Right - now I'm off for a girlie afternoon tea with my sister-in-law, at her mum's house.  (Her mum does the BEST afternoon teas, yum yum yum!!!!!)  And I've just realised that my sister-in-law is in every one of the photos in my cube storage thingy!  I do love that girl!!

Bye for now!


  1. Love love love your beanbag cubes! And your cube prettifying (is that a word?) is genius - wish I had a cube thingy to have a go at, it looks so fab - well done! Have a lovely weekend x

  2. I love your new beanbag and dolled up shelves - they are perfect and so much better than the before pictures. It's funny how a bit of wallpaper and some cereal boxes can make such a transformation!! Hope you enjoyed the afternoon tea :) Jenny x

  3. LOVE the cube storage thingy makeover! Very cool idea too :)

  4. Excellent makeovers! The new cube is great and the shelves too, such a clever idea - well done!

    S x

  5. Oh wow they look amazing!! Your home certainly is starting to look pretty and crafty!

    Rhi x x

  6. What a difference you made to those beanbag cubes. Great transformation!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Indeed, they are cool penguins.


  9. Wow, you've been busy. The bean bag cubes turned out great. I love how you redid the shelves. They do look so much brighter. I hope you have a beautiful day,

  10. Lovely, just lovely. You've done a great job with your beanbags. Love Katie xx

  11. Oh a lovely makeover! bet you're pleased.

    Love that little cute.

    Fleur xx


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