Thursday 8 March 2012


Doesn't bunting make you happy?!

The other day I decided that it was crucial that I had some bunting in my living room - so I proceeded with great excitement to make some...

I love it!

I smile every time I look at it!

I just wish a bit more sunshine got into my flat, to show it in better light... but it's my same old moan!!!

In other news, I've been a bit quiet lately as I have been involved in a bit of professional development ready for my pending redundancy... I've been on a PRINCE2 course (PRojects IN a Controlled Environment - bit of a stretch how they got 'PRINCE' from that!)  It's a project management course.  It involved a foundation exam, and a practitioner exam - and I found out yesterday that I passed with flying colours!  It was quite a relief as the practitioner exam was very tricky!!

Now I have more time for crafting!!


  1. Well done for passing the course! The bunting is gorg roll on lots of sunshine :-)

  2. Cute bunting, especially the cherry fabric! That's a great way to bring some sunshine into the room!

    S x

  3. Well done you! Big pat on the back! I love your bunting. I want to make some but haven't had the courage lol! Your fabric choice is lovely! Sue x

  4. Congratulations,that is wonderful and the bunting so delightful no wonder it makes you smile.

  5. Well done, you clever bunny!
    And I LOVE your bunting. It cheers everyone up, doesn't it?!
    Nearly the weekend....!

  6. Congratulations! Love the bunting - currently in my flat there are 5 strings of bunting dotted around! I love your fabric and colour choices they work really well!

  7. yep bunting makes me happy too!!

  8. Love your bunting and the choice of colours.
    Congrats on getting your PRINCE 2 I know how tricky that is and I only did the foundation - well done:)

  9. Love bunting! That would make me smile too! The apple fabric is gorgeous

    Good luck with your pending redundancy. May it open many doors for you!

    Rhi x x


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