Wednesday 21 March 2012

Happy 30th Birthday, Roon! (And Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!)

It is my lovely sister-in-law's 30th birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROON!!!  (Roon is a strange nickname I have for her - that kind of evolved from some nonsensical words I used to add to her surname before she married my brother!  She calls me Loon... which probably explains itself!!)  It is possible I went a bit over the top with the present wrapping and decorating...

Yes, mini paper bunting was involved!  I was really pleased how it turned out - I got quite excited when I finished making it!

And a tissue paper flower...

...adorning a wrapped box, filled with more tissue paper...


OK, maybe I'm bigging myself up a bit now... but I would be so excited to receive a box of presents like this!!!  I'm getting excited just looking at it up on the side now!!  I can't wait for Roon to see it!  She will love it!

Only one of the presents is handmade... and here it is:

What?!  How boring!  But wait!  That was how it started... a boring black notebook.  But now...

Ooooh prettiness!!  A felt notebook cover!  It's removable, so when that notebook is finished, she can use the cover on another A5 notebook (and she better had - she must use it forever, till the end of time!!!)

I want one for myself, but I'm not sure I can be bothered to make another one.  This is where I will never be able to make money out of crafting - I can rarely bring myself to make two of anything, so I'll never have anything to sell!  Not to mention that I somehow seemed to drag this out so it took nearly all day - I don't know how I do it!  I think I spent a lot of time pondering on the design and gazing at it wondering how it was going to look when finished - I find that gazing is not a very productive activity!

Wow - a lot of pictures in this post!  I think I'd better stop now....!!

(Oooh - I just suddenly thought that my blog-iversary must be coming up soon... had a quick check and it turns out my first post was a year ago today!  So there are two birthdays today!  I will have a giveaway to celebrate a year of blogging, and also reaching 100 followers which happened fairly recently.  Not sure what it will include, and when it will be ready as I've not made anything for it yet, but watch this space!)


  1. Roon is very lucky! I am very much like you. I have all these great craft money making ideas but after making one of said item I cannot bring myself to make any more of them! I spend more time thinking about what I would like to do rather than doing! Congrats on passing the 100 mark! Sue x

  2. Happy Blogiversary and congrats on the followers.
    Your present wrapping looks amazing, I bet she was delighted with it all. I am like Sue and you I struggle to make loads of the same thing I like to flit from one thing to the next.
    Kandi x

  3. Hehe... oh if only I only made one of each thing... sometimes it can be like a factory here - which is kind of defeating the point of being a designer maker sometimes but a girl has to earn a living ;) Making one off pieces is much more fun though and so much more special for a birthday - what BEAUTIFUL (yes it deserves to be in capitals) wrapping, maybe you should start a gift wrap business?? :D Happy blog birthday too! Jenny xxx

  4. Love how you decorated the Birthday gift box with bunting - I too would love to receive such a box! What a lucky recipient! Congrats on your blogiversary too x

  5. OOoooh I'd very very loved receiving such a lovely birthday parcel!! Yay for your first blogiversary too!! :D

    Jo x

  6. Lucky Roon, what a lovely box of treats - she will love the personalised notebook, so pretty!

    Happy 1st Blogiversary to you!

    Gill xx

  7. Such wonderfully wrapped gifts for lucky Roon! I love it all, especially the bunting to finish it off so perfectly! I love the notebook cover you've made, it's so pretty. I only really like making one of anything too, as soon as I begin to make another the same I can't stop myself doing different things to it and changing it in some way!
    Happy first blogiversary!
    Helen x

  8. nice blog dear!!!follow u!!!i've a new post on my blog...i hope to have your opinion...kisses


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