Saturday 27 August 2011

Baby Blanket

Hi all!  Welcome to all new followers over the last few weeks, and thanks for following!  :o)

Thanks to those who left lovely comments on my last post!  I gave the PE bag to my friend on Thursday and she was over the moon!  I have to say that I find making lined drawstring bags a bit of a pain (not sure why really, but I seem to be very slow at making them!) but when my friend was so pleased and excited with it, it made it all worthwhile!!  She really was delighted!  It made me feel very proud!  :o)

As I have mentioned before, I am due to become an Aunt this Christmas!  My brother and sister-in-law's first baby is due on Christmas Day!  They recently found out that they are having a boy, so I have started making a baby blanket for my little nephew to be!

It is going to be made up of crocheted heart squares, bordered with white.

I will block the squares, to make them all neat and even before crocheting them all together.  (The yellow square isn't actually as misshapen as it looks in the picture!)

At the moment the colours I am using are the yellow and the mid-blue in the photos, plus a baby blue.  I am thinking of adding more colours, however... maybe some more different shades of blue... but I'll see!

I hope you all have great weekends - I'm off to a wedding today, of a friend I've known since infant school!  I'm glad to wake up to a bright sunny day for her!


  1. Thats a beautiful pattern, it's going to be stunning once its done. Can I ask where you got the pattern from, I'm thinking a larger version would make a nice facecloth
    Kandi xx

  2. I don't think I've ever seen this pattern before, what a great idea! I'm sure the blanket will come out lovely.


  3. I'd love to try this pattern too!!
    Any chance of a tutorial???

  4. I have so much fun with fillet crochet squares. These are adorable! Happy crocheting and congrats on the new nephew to come!

  5. What a lovely design, and congratulations.xx

  6. Those squares will make a gorgeous baby blanket! I received a knitted baby blanket when I had my son, it was such a lovely gift to get, far more personal than anything in the shops. The parents to be will be delighted!

  7. That's going to make a stunning little blanket, Maria. I'm sure your nephew will enjoy many a snuggle under it!
    Becky x

  8. Your blanket is such a lovely idea and very timely for me too as I'm thinking of crocheting a blanket for my niece who will be having a little girl in January. Boy, that makes me sound very old, a great aunt, but I'm not really :). Would love to know about the pattern. Just discovered your blog and it is very lovely too. :) Liz

  9. Hi, since I am so lousy at e-mailing these days I thought I'd at least post a comment here...

    I LOVE the squares! So pretty. Makes me want to do something with hearts... another cushion cover perhaps ;-)

    Synchronized sleep here so will spend some time on one of the unfinished projects this afternoon.



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