Wednesday 30 March 2011

Fun with Self-Cover Buttons!

It's time I shared one of my recent obsessions - self-cover buttons!  A month or so ago I decided to make some fabric-covered drawing pins for notice-boards, using self-cover buttons and drawing pins.

I ordered a whole pile of self-cover buttons, so that I could make enough for me, and some to try to sell.  The first lot arrived, and it turned out they weren't suitable for glueing drawing pins to - d'oh!  Maybe I should have ordered a smaller amount first... oops!  But, they were still suitable as buttons, so I got to work and revamped a cardigan!

Cardigan before:

Cardigan after:

Closer view of buttons:

How much nicer the cardigan is now!!

Eventually I found the right sort of self-cover buttons, and managed to make myself some fancy pins, and here you can see a few of them, clustered in the corner of my notice-board:

I made the notice-board as well as the pins (had to have a board for my pins!) but will show you the board in it's full glory another day, after I get a good picture of it!

I have also made more pins since the above photo was taken, so I have more of a varied multi-coloured selection!  Again, there will be more of that when I've got some good photos!

How can you wait?  The excitement must be too much....!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice! With self cover buttons the possibilities are endless :)


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