Wednesday 23 March 2011

Cakes and Craft

I'm in the middle of making a cake!  It's currently cooling, before I frost it.  We have a cake club at work, where once a month one of us brings in a homemade cake, and it's my turn this month.  I was told in no uncertain terms by the guys at work that the cake baking must take priority over any blogging or crafting!  Therefore I am fitting this into the cooling time...

So, yesterday's craft session... I went with two friends, and we all produced a brooch made of felt circles with a button in the middle.  The trickiest part was picking the colours to use – I was very indecisive, but got there in the end!  After that, making it was pretty simple.  Here it is:

I actually wasn’t sure how pleased I was with the finished item.  Then when I got home my boyfriend gave it a bit of a bewildered (and not very complimentary!) look – clearly not sure what on earth it was and what purpose it had in the world!  I wasn’t sure I disagreed either...

I looked again this morning, however, and decided that I do like it.  Especially after attaching it to the lapel of my white jacket, to give a cheery summery look!  It’s not too bad, after all!

So, all in all, a nice evening with friends – and the chance to make something new, that I may not have otherwise thought of.  (Although, my drive home wasn’t ideal, as the exit I take off the motorway (nice and close to my home) was closed for road works, meaning I had to get off at the next exit and drive back from there... grrr!)

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  1. It is very cherrie Maria. I love turquoise and white together!! A job well done


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