Monday 28 March 2011

Dinki Dots Labels!

I've decided today to buy some sew-on labels for my handmade goods!

Here is the design I think I'm going to go for:

It's not my full Dinki Dots logo, but it's a "black and white label-representation" of it!  Does the trick I think...

I'm just in the process of ordering the labels, and thought I would blog about it as I did so... just to give me a few moments to make sure I want to go through with the purchase!

My new Dinki Dots business (if you can call it a business!) seems to involve me spending lots of money on supplies, without much action happening in the way of making any money back!  Unfortunately it is great fun ordering craft bits, so it's hard to resist.  These things are needed, though - it's the initial start-up!  Hopefully at some point I will have a product range that I can start to sell.  Maybe I should spend more time on that, rather than craft shopping online...!  All in good time!

Right, definitely going to order the labels now - exciting!!

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