Sunday 24 December 2023

Felt Candy Cane Christmas Tree Decoration

If you have been following for a while, you'll know I started a tradition in 2018 of making a felt Christmas tree decoration every year.

This year I have made a candy cane!

Felt Candy Cane

As always, I embroidered the year on the back.

Felt Candy Cane

This year I used a brilliant free pattern by What a Curly Life.  I omitted the holly, as I had a simple candy cane in mind.  I also didn't use whip stitch - instead using running stitch to sew the red stripes on, and blanket stitch around the candy cane.  This was just to tie in with how I'd made the rest of my decorations.

Here they all are together!

Felt Christmas tree ornaments

You can see my posts on the other decorations as follows... 2018 Star2019 Mouse in Stocking2020 Pudding, 2021 Penguin, 2022 Gingerbread Man.

They are starting to become the theme of the Christmas tree now there are so many of them!

Merry Christmas!

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