Wednesday 27 December 2023

Air Dry Clay Christmas Tree Ornaments

I made some Christmas biscuits with the kids the other week, and I used a couple of the Christmas cutters to try cutting out shapes from air dry clay.  The clay I used was from a Sculpd kit.

I made holes in the top of each and let them dry, then painted them with white acrylic paint (that came with the clay).

I then decorated them with Posca pens and varnished with the varnish that came with the clay.  I did all this over a couple of weeks, as I let things dry and also fitted it in around general hectic life!

I made a snowman...

Air Dry Clay Snowman ornament

And a Christmas tree...

Air dry clay Christmas tree ornament

I'm really pleased with them - I think they look really cute!

Air dry clay Christmas Tree ornaments

The handmade decorations on my Christmas tree are really increasing in number!

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