Monday 18 June 2018

Wedding Signs, Sweetie Bag Labels and a Decorative Tree

Isn't that a catchy title?!  This is the last of my wedding craft related posts - phew!  I've grouped the outstanding bits into this post, and then we'll hear no more about it!

*I've linked to the products I used - if they've got an asterix then they are an affiliate link.  If not, then they're not.  You don't pay anything more for using an affiliate link - I would just get a few pennies if you did buy anything.  (I think I would, anyway - I wouldn't really know as I've never earned anything so far, in the very very rare times I've tried using an affiliate link!  But that's fine by me - I'm just a hobby blogger!)

I made a couple of signs for the wedding.  One to go with the guest book...

Wedding Guest Book Sign

I printed on the same hammered card I used for all the rest of my wedding crafting (hard to see the texture in the photo, but it made it look a little fancier!) and put it in a box frame with a gold bow.

Wedding Guest Book Sign

The gold bow picked up the gold on the guest book and the pens.  I made crepe paper peonies to go with them as a bit of extra decoration.

Links to items:
Pen 1 *

The other sign was for the sweet table...

Wedding Sweet Table Sign

This was the same style box frame as the other one.  I just had these at home - bought from Homebase years ago.  I printed on the hammered card again and used an aqua bow this time - that matched all the place names and menus.  The colour scheme of the wedding was aqua with touches of pink and a bit of gold.

Wedding Sweet Table Sign and Paper Sweet Bags with Cute Labels

I made labels for the sweetie bags.  I ordered the bags from Amazon - links below - and designed my own labels that I printed off and stuck on.

Wedding Sweet Table Sign and Paper Sweet Bags with Cute Labels

And finally, I decorated a white decorative tree with aqua, pink and gold bows that I made from ribbon.  I firstly wrapped it in tiny wire fairy lights, that I already had from a couple of Christmases ago.

Wedding Sweet Table Sign and Paper Sweet Bags with Cute Labels

This went on the sweet table too.

Aqua Ribbon (I think it's this one - I bought it in store)
The pink and gold ribbon was also from Hobbycraft, but I'm not sure which ones.

Here was the sweet table on the day...

Wedding Sweet Table Sign and Paper Sweet Bags with Cute Labels
Photo by LJ Photographics

I don't think the lights on the tree were switched on yet - as they were only put on when the evening guests arrived and the sweet table was made available to all!

Links to:
Sweet Jars * (they were plastic)
Sweet Tongs - I bought them from ebay, but the seller appears to have been removed from ebay!  There are plenty on Amazon, though - like these * which look the same as the ones I bought.

And I do believe that is it on the Wedding crafting front!

Check out more of my wedding crafting here. 

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  1. I missed the sweet table! Cannot believe that! Looks very pretty though, and

  2. Oh no - you missed all that sugary goodness!! xxx

  3. Oh no I don't think I signed your beautiful guest book!!! 😭 I saw it and thought to myself, I better think of something clever to write in that ... and then I forgot!

    In reality though, it's probably best I didn't write anything. Because I'd probably end up drawing something ... 😜 xx

    1. p.s. I kept one of each of the pink and blue treat bags! I just couldn't not. And snuck a third bag full of treats back to my room in The Shining later that night.

    2. Not that many people did write in the guest book actually. In hindsight, I don't think it was worth having one! Everyone gives you a card with a message in - writing in the guest book as well is probably overkill! Ah well, you live and you learn. (And talking of drawing something - someone actually did!!! One of Rob's friends we assume!) Aw, I'm glad you kept a couple of the bags - and had a full bag to keep you company as you battled to survive the night!


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