Saturday 31 December 2016

Crochet Pokeball

Just time to share one last make this year!

As a little birthday present for my nephew, I made him a fun little Pokeball...

It's just a small one, as you can see!

I made it by crocheting one half of a ball in red, finishing with a row of black.  Then another half of a ball in white, finishing with a row of black.  The two halves were sewn together with black yarn, and stuffed as I went.

I can't quite remember how I did the middle circle!  I think it was twelve dc or hdc (US) / twelve tr or htr (UK) into a magic ring, in white.  Then two sc (US) / dc (UK) into each stitch in black.  Then I sewed it to the ball.  Sorry to be a bit vague on that - I made it as I went along and didn't make notes!

Anyway, happy new year!  I hope 2017 is a craft-filled year for us all!

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