Wednesday 10 August 2016

Tilda Blog Hop - Cabbage Rose and Memory Lane

I was lucky enough to get the chance to play with part of the latest Autumn 2016 range of Tilda fabrics, before they were released!

This was as part of a blog hop organised by Stitch Craft Create.  I was sent a selection of fabrics from both ranges to try out.

Four from Memory Lane...

...and four from Cabbage Rose...

Which fabrics to use first?!  I decided to make a zipped pouch using a couple of the designs, which I thought went together well.

This actually looks better in real life than it looks in this picture - it was hard to capture it well.  It's padded with cotton batting/wadding and has boxed corners to make it nice and roomy inside.  I designed the pattern for the pouch myself, but there are so many tutorials for zipped pouches online, if you want to make your own.  The fabrics I used were:

Bottom Section:  Memory Lane - Flowercloud Dark Slate
Top Section:  Cabbage Rose - Tess Red

Cabbage Rose - Tess Red

I also used the bottom outer fabric for the tabs at each end of the zip.  You can see one of them a bit clearer here...

But I hadn't finished with that red fabric.  For a couple of years I've had fabric strawberries on my 'craft to-do' list and when I saw that Cabbage Rose Tess fabric in the red colourway, I knew it would be perfect... the time had come!

I thought one of the other Cabbage Rose fabrics would work well too, for a bit of variation.  The fabrics I used were:

Cabbage Rose - Tess Red
Cabbage Rose - Tilly Red

I absolutely love these strawberries!  I used this adorable strawberry pincushion tutorial - but with a few changes.  I made them smaller as I wanted them to be real strawberry sized and to be decorative rather than pincushions.  I think with a keyring loop on, they'd make lovely keyrings.  I also skipped the extra leaves and flower and didn't sew the green felt flat to the strawberry, as I wanted the points to stick out a bit, for a more organic look.  (As organic as a fabric and felt strawberry can look anyway!)

Then I thought I'd give the mustard/olive fabrics a go - not my usual choice of colour, but I have fallen in love with the dinky little fabric tray I've made!

I used this pattern, so lovely!  I think I'll be making more!  The fabrics I used were:

Memory Lane - Flowercloud Olive
Memory Lane - Solid Fabric Olive

The trinket tray can be used for jewellery...

Or in the sewing room, for your crafty bits and bobs...

And I'm sure there are a myriad of other uses too!

As expected, the fabric is fabulous quality, but I'm sure that I don't need to tell any Tilda fans that!  

This has only made a small dent in the fabrics I was sent, and there are three patterns still to cut into, so no doubt there will be more creations using them here on my blog in the future - be sure to check back and see what else I make.

And if you'd like to get stuck in to some sewing with these ranges too, Stitch Craft Create are running a competition to win a fabric quarter bundle of this fabric and one of Tilda's friends (a fabric fox or rabbit).  You can find it over on their facebook page, so good luck!  Alternatively you can buy Memory Lane here and Cabbage Rose here.

Thanks to Nadine of Stitch Craft Create for inviting me to take part - it's been great fun.  Check out my other sewing projects here and follow me on bloglovin to keep up to date with my latest crafting projects!

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  1. I think you chose 2 great fabrics to pair together in the zip bag. I love how those fabric ends to the zipper really make the bag professional looking. Love this new line of Tilda fabrics.

    1. Hi LJ - thanks for the comment! I thought it was a good pairing too - it's great how the two ranges work so well together.

  2. I love the strawberries so much! The cutest thing in fabric. Great idea! Talk about being creative Maria! Well done. xx

    1. Thanks Anna! Glad you like the strawberries, I am so pleased with them too - I might even make more - can you ever have too many fabric strawberries?! xx

  3. Love your little strawberry pin cushions-just too sweet-fabrics are perfect. What a great make!

    1. Thanks! I was lucky to get the perfect fabric for them!

  4. These are lovely. I really like the pouch and the little trinket tray. x

  5. Your strawberries are so cute. They must be very dinky at real strawberry size and hard to sew being so small. I made a set of the little trays and they always come in so useful when I'm sewing.

    1. Thanks Mokki - I was especially pleased with the strawberries! I know, the trays are so great - I really should make some more so that I have a set of them too. So cute and so handy.


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