Sunday 21 August 2016

Decorated Gift Box

Last week I showed you the cute crochet snail I made.  Now you can see how I packaged it to give to my sister-in-law.  If you're expecting skill, sophistication, creative genius... you'll be disappointed!

I started with a box I already had.  An alarm clock had been packaged in it, and I'd been saving it for the last one or two years as it was a good little box, in brown kraft paper/card (or some such similar material).

The box was a bit damaged where I'd removed the labelling, but decorating it would cover that.

I started by drawing and cutting out a big flower out of some pretty green and pink paper to cover the worst of the damage...

... then I remembered I had some cardstock flower stickers in my supplies (from my card-making days) - so I thought, why stop there with just one flower?!  Let's not be stingy!  I decided to add more flowers to that side of the box.  Well... then I just carried on and covered the whole thing!

As I said... absolutely no skill required here!

The box was a perfect fit for the snail.  A bit of pretty spotty tissue paper...

...and snaily was happily ensconced in his temporary home!

I used washi tape on the underside of the lid, to cover an alarm clock related sticker that I couldn't remove - the pattern goes well with brown box I thought.  And an extra flower sticker for fun!

There you have it - cheap and cheerful!  What do you think?

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  1. A job well done I say :) Just had a sneaky peek at your previous post to check out the crochet snail, absolutely delightful xxx

    1. Thanks! I was really pleased with the snail, and the little box just topped it off - easy but fun! x

  2. Very satisfying! Re-using at its best! Very funky flowers. You should print is as a fabric. xx

    1. I know, I was pleased I'd kept hold of that box. I nearly chucked it a couple of times in my minimalism moments! But now it has a whole new life and purpose, and is covered in funky flowers - perfect! xx


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