Wednesday 23 September 2015

Happy Scrappy Scarf

Have you heard of Pink Milk's Happy Scrappy Scarf-Along?

Well, I'd been watching on quietly... until I gazed upon this basket of pretty pastel cotton yarn...

I'd taken the bold bright colours out to make my Japanese Flower coasters - so just the pastels were left.  I thought they really would make a pretty happy scrappy scarf!

As I have a deep-rooted fear of random, I knew I had to have a plan.  Fortunately, I'd created an excel colour plan for the stripy blanket I've been making (for the past two years, eek) which also has five colours and looks random, but has a convoluted method behind it!  So I replaced each blanket colour with one of the scarf colours, to get the plan below...

And very excited that made me too!  Time to get to work... I decided to use half-double crochet (half-treble UK)...

I got this far and realised that I wanted to double up the rows I'd decided to do.  I was going to do bands of 1, 2 and 3 rows, but I wasn't happy with how it looked.  I decided to rip it back and start again, with bands of 2, 4 and 6 rows.

I'm much happier with it now, it looks less flimsy if that makes sense (and half the amount of ends to sew in is no bad thing!)...

Loving those colours.  It's pretty addictive, because I keep wanting to finish each colour to see how the next one looks!

Thanks to Heather for organising this, and the great inspiration!  I will be back with progress!

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  1. Oh it looks like Albi's blanket! Great colours! I have made a lot of things with the trusted half-double, gives things a great texture and works up quickly! xx

    1. Albi's blanket is my favourite blanket of all your blankets I think!! I'm loving these colours - can't wait to get it all done! I thought I'd try the half-double as I know you use it a lot and like it - I'm really liking it too! xx

  2. Lovely colors and the stripes are looking sweet so far:)

    1. Thanks Preeti - I'm so pleased with the colours together!


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