Thursday 28 May 2015

Beginner Crochet - Blog Hop

I have been following Sarah's blog Annaboo's House for many years now.  I think from pretty much near the beginning actually.  Her posts are always written in such a fun and enjoyable style, and her ideas and patterns are great.  I couldn't be more pleased for her that she's had a crochet book published - what an amazing achievement and well deserved!

To celebrate the launch of Sarah's book - Beginner's Guide to Crochet - I'm taking part in a blog hop organised by Stitch Craft Create sharing beginner crochet wins and fails.  See Sarah's kick off post here.

My crochet adventure began when I started a new job working with Anna back in 2008.  We quickly learned that we both were creative crafting types and that was the start of a beautiful friendship!  Anna is the crochet queen - just check this out if you have any doubt - and that's just the tip of the iceberg!  She brought some yarn into work and started teaching me how to crochet on our lunch breaks.  I seem to remember really struggling with how to hold the yarn so that it would feed nicely through my fingers - that was one of the tricky beginner bits for me, my first fail if you will.  Somehow I figured out a way that worked - and as Anna always says, you're not at school any more - there are no rules, if it works for you, do it!

She taught me the classic granny square, and I made my first crochet item - a cushion.  That was my first win!

Not too shabby for my first project - I felt I could handle this crochet malarkey!

The good thing about the granny is that you crochet into the gaps rather than into the stitch, which made it easier for me.  But then (possibly a couple of years later, now I look back) I tried single crochet (UK double) amigurumi style, actually having to crochet into the stitch on the row below - that was a big crochet fail!  I really couldn't figure out where on earth I should be putting my hook - where was the top of the stitch?! - and Anna and I weren't working together any more so I didn't have assistance readily to hand.  Despite our emails back and forth, sometimes you need to be shown!

Well, one day it just clicked - I don't know how, but somehow it did.  I was ridiculously proud of this little ball...

And made these two cute little fellas!

That seemed like a big win - I felt like I could actually crochet!

Another fail I had was an attempt to crochet a cowl.  I just couldn't get the sizing right, and the stitches were all far too tight and rigid.  This is where Sarah's fab tutorial on Annaboo's House for The Ultimate Cowl came in handy and I made this...

Such a great pattern - easy to do and it worked up quickly, just what I like.  A win.

And how great that Sarah now has a book full of beginner crochet patterns!

I've now crochets blankets, monkeys, cushions, shawls, and all sorts of other bits and bobs.  Check out my crochet tab to see my creations!

Now it just remains for me to nominate another blogger to carry this hop along...

The lovely Sam of Betsy Makes.  Her crochet work is beautiful, and her blog is full of inspiration.  Be sure to keep an eye out for her Beginner Crochet Blog Hop post!


  1. I'd love to read your story of friendship and crochet! The little owls are super cute!

  2. Thank you so much for joining in, Maria. It's been so wonderful to read everyone's beginner crochet stories.
    I think your granny squares are absolutely perfect- definitely a major win! And amigurumi is so tricky at first, isn't it?!
    A brilliant post- thank you.
    Wishing you a fab weekend,
    Sarah xxx

    1. Thanks Sarah, it was great to be a part of the blog hop! And to celebrate your great achievement!

  3. Thank you Maria, what a lovely post! I do agree Anna's work is wonderful and she seems like a lovely person too. Making friends through crochet is so special.
    I think all your crochet projects are winners, those cute little owls are adorable! I love the cowl too!
    Will be right back at you with my post, I have been having a little think about it and need to take a few piccies. Thanks for nominating me, Sam xx

    1. Thanks Sam. Yes, Anna is a lovely person, a great friend and so talented! Thanks for the lovely comments.

  4. Lovely to read about your crochet journey! As long as your way of doing it works for you then it is right - that is what I say!!! xx

    1. Thanks Amy - yes, there are no rules - do what works for you! :)

  5. Maria, thank you for lovely and kind words! Made my day reading! I fondly remember the crochet lunches! More of those I say! It is also great when you can pass on some crochet tips and tricks and giving someone else the crochet bug! And what lovely lovely things you make my friend! xxx

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading - it's all true!! I'm just so grateful that we got the chance to meet xxx


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