Thursday 12 March 2015

Washi Tape Pen Pot

This is a very quick easy project, using our favourite... washi tape!

Washi Tape Pen Pot : Dinki Dots

I had an empty Betty Crocker buttercream tub.  (I usually make my own buttercream, but the Lumberjack bought some for the birthday cake he made me in December.  He thought it was the best bet, after the year before he tried squirty cream which soaked into the cake, aaww.  Still appreciated, though!)

Worth mentioning too - those buttercream pots are dangerous!!  The temptation to just tuck in with a spoon is too great for a mere mortal such as myself to resist!

Anyway, back to the project... not that it needs much explaining.

1.  Remove the label from the tub and wash thoroughly.

2.  Pick some coordinating rolls of washi tape from your collection...

Washi Tape : Dinki Dots

3.  Wrap around the tub in stripes, overlapping very slightly at the back.

Washi Tape Pen Pot : Dinki Dots

Done!  It couldn't be easier.

Washi Tape Pen Pot : Dinki Dots

An unnecessary number of pictures of the finished pot for you - you'd have got the idea with just one!

It's a great project for when you feel like some instant results, and a useful item too.

And, for fun, here are my Valentine's tulips in the early morning sun back in February - the sun was catching them beautifully.

Tulips: Dinki Dots

Tulips: Dinki Dots

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  1. Crafting at its best! Cheerful, easy and useful. And the result: a thing you can put other things in! Perfect. Flowers in early spring light are irresistible. I also take a lot of pictures of that! xx

  2. Hi just found you whilst blog hopping, am really enjoying reading your posts :) Just read the one about your spray painted shelf for your craft room and I especially like the matching button jar lids - genius!

  3. A great bit of upcycling! You are right about that buttercream though - it is dangerous stuff isn't it! xx

  4. Oh this is so perfect and so cute, Maria! And a great way to use / validate my now obscene collection of washi tape. For which there is a lot. Why just yesterday I bought another roll of black and white washi tape! The variety never ceases to amaze me.

    Thank you for justifying my absolute hoard.


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