Saturday 7 March 2015

Cable and Cotton Lights

I first saw Cable and Cotton lights a couple of years ago or so and, after admiring them for some time, I am now lucky enough to be in possession of a beautiful string of their colourful lights!

Let me tell you now... what a great company and what a great product!  Customer service was spot-on and delivery was prompt.

The only hold-up in the whole procedure was my extreme indecision over my colour choice.  Damn them for their many gorgeous options!  They have pre-selected sets and the option to choose your own colours, and I veered wildly between different sets and my own colour concoctions.  Eventually I had to stop annoying myself and those around me, bite the bullet, and pick.  I was very excited when this package arrived in the post...

The balls look so pretty laid out in the box, I almost didn't want to unpack them!

Any doubts about my colour choice quickly disappeared.

I picked my own colours and chose:

Pale Blue
Sky Blue
Anais Green
Pebble Grey

The lights are available in a string of 20, 35 or 50 - I've got the chain of 20.  The balls are separate from the fairy lights when they arrive, and you assemble the string by pushing a bulb into each ball through the hole.  This means you can play about to get the order of colours that you like before inserting the bulbs.

That part was the bit I wasn't too keen on, as you have to give the bulbs quite a firm push to get them in (so that they're secure once in place) and I was nervous I'd break something.  You get used to it as you go along, though, and if the balls do bend in, you can pull them back in place - this is all explained in the simple clear instructions.

Then the exciting part - plugging them in!

They look great off and on...

And as it gets darker, they just get better and better!


Another important aspect of the Cable and Cotton company is that they are very ethical in the treatment of their tradeswomen in Thailand.  You can read more about that here.

I may be gushing, but I really do love these lights.  They make the room cosy and inviting - I can see myself succumbing to further sets in different colours for other spots around the home.  (Seriously tempted by the Turkish Delight set - so vibrant!)

I can wholeheartedly recommend Cable and Cotton - go to the website and take a look!

Cable and Cotton
Colour Sets
Choose Your Own

Disclaimer:  I have received a complimentary set of lights for the purpose of this review.  All pictures, words and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. I really like these lights, and have often admired them! xx

  2. Oh the colours are so you! I am looking for something for Albis room as she does not like the dark. Would 20 be enough? Obviously not going for daylight scheme.. Also do they get hot? In any case they look fab! I had a look at the website and I would have struggled to pick. x

    1. I've been experimenting for you! I've had the lights on for 4 hours this evening, and they don't feel hot at all. I'm now sat in the living room with all the lights out, except the Cable and Cotton, and they do give off a fair bit of light - I can see the furniture and things in the room - I think it would do the trick. (Obviously, I can't say for sure, as I don't know how much light she'd need to make her feel better, but it looks ok to me) xx

    2. Thank you for taking your time, it is much appreciated! I will show the ights to the young lady to see what she says!xx

  3. Really enjoyed your blog today and a read back to your hot water bottle which is fab. I think you would like my blog too. Jo x

  4. I didn't even know it, but I've had a crush on Cable & Cotton lights for a while now. I've spied them hanging in the corner of pictures in a few of my favourite design blogs, and here they are popping up on another!

    The colours you chose Maria are completely ace. And I'm so glad Anna asked if they get hot because that would be something that would play on my mind. I'm more so glad to read that they don't - yes!

    They look so good, and I love the tiny hook you hung them on too! ;)


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