Thursday 29 January 2015

Organisation: Print Your Photos

I've made an effort in the last couple of years to start printing the digital photos I take.  You know how it is... thousands of photos stored in the depths of your computer, and on random hard-drives scattered willy-nilly about the house (ok, maybe it's not quite so chaotic, but you get the message).

I think it's a great idea to print a selection of photos each year so that you can see, hold, and access your pictures more readily.  Those stored electronically can easily get forgotten about... or worse, lost.

The problem is that it's such a faff, and so time-consuming.  In the good old days you'd get 24 photos from your film - and you'd make that last a holiday!  Or, if you were feeling extravagant, you might stretch to two films.  A whole 48 photos!  These days, you've taken that many before you've even reached your accommodation!  To then sort through hundreds (or thousands!) of photos and choose the pictures you want to print becomes a huge headache.

Therefore I've tried to make it as simple as possible for myself.  This is how:

Select photos to print on a monthly basis

At the end of each month go through the photos you've taken that month, chose a selection of photos you like, and copy these 'printables' into a separate folder.  Doing this on a month by month basis means less work in one go.  When it comes to the end of the year, you can upload everything in your 'printables' folder to a photo-printing website and order the lot.  (Alternatively, you could print them monthly depending on your preference and how many photos you have.)

Remember: if you're having trouble choosing which photos to print, don't worry - the ones you don't choose are still on your computer.  If they don't make the cut, they're not gone.  You can print them any time you like if you have a change of heart.

Use a simple album in the right size

I love the idea of a pretty scrapbook, each page decorated beautifully, but I'll never get round to that.  In the end I decided to go with a simple slip-in photo album... but the key was the size.  This takes 4.5 x 6 inch photos, which is the actual proportions of digital photos.  If you buy a 4 x 6 inch album, you will need to crop all your photos when you order your prints.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  This way, you can upload and order with minimal fuss.

I actually struggled to find a very good selection of albums in this size.  (Why are albums and frames not produced in the proportions of the photos everyone takes?!  Do not get me started on this, I could rant all day!)  Eventually I settled on a suitable item.  The album I chose was this one: 

Walther Grindy Black 6x4.5 Slip In Photo Album - 200 Photos *

Your photos just slip in and you can write a little description next to them (when you get round to it, which I haven't yet, but I've only just got the album!)

Before I seem too perfect and organised, let me just say that I ordered my 2013 photos a year ago (when I started this idea), and they've sat in the box they came in until now.  My plan to organise my 2014 photos on a monthly basis didn't happen, so I ended up doing a big sort out the other week.  I will be better this year, though - monthly photo selections will happen!

I can fit both 2013 and 2014 prints into the one album - I kept the album's capacity in mind when I ordered last year's prints so that the number I have fits in exactly.

Honestly, I love having this selection printed out to flick through.  It's better than looking on screen - plus all the duplicates and dodgy shots aren't in there - just the best ones.  Go on, do it - print your photos!  You'll be so glad you did.

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  1. Good lord, I need to get on this. It's so terrible that it's so easy to see photos on an electronic device. For convenience, yet it's lovely, but it means we have no photos in our apartment. I only printed off a picture of us on our wedding day a couple of months ago, and we've been married almost 2.5 years! And together for almost 9. That. Is shameful.

  2. I always think about doing this and just never get to it! Thanks for the motivation I needed to start!

  3. What great advice! This is one of those jobs I must do Asap. I like the idea of doing it at the end of each month, too.
    Enjoy the rest of your week,
    Sarah @ Annabooshouse xx

  4. I started printing out my photo's, I made my first scrapbook album of our first vacation and loved it! ... And then I never printed again because scrapbooking takes so much time!! I think you found an awesome alternative, especially because you can still write a little something next to the picture. Love it!

  5. It's such a great idea Maria. I'm always bemoaning the fact all those digital pics disappear into broken down laptops. I've also tried scrapbooking but, so much time! This idea reminds me of how it used to be-brilliant to keep for the future!
    Best wishes
    Alison xx

  6. My cat pictures just arrived. Now I only have to put them in the album.. perhaps I should have made a photobook?xx

  7. I think that it is so great that you do this. I haven't - to my great shame - printed a photo for years now, but I really should and you have shown how straightforward it is. A great idea and great too that you look back on your wonderful memories! xx


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