Sunday 18 January 2015

2015 Goals

The last couple of years I've set myself goals (rather than resolutions) and documented them here on the blog.  So here goes for 2015!

Firstly, I'll review how I did with last year's goals - I apologise if this gets really dull - I'm probably the only one interested!

Declutter - using William Morris as a guide:  Have nothing in your house that you don't know to be useful or believe to be beautiful

Well, I started project Less 365 and I have managed to get rid of 365 things this year - so I'm going to call that a success on the declutter front!

In addition, I started a separate blog - Exploring Minimalism to delve deeper into that way of thinking.

Become Mega Organised

I think I've been fairly organised this year, but I wouldn't say I reached the 'mega' scale!  There are a couple of organisational projects you can see on my Organisation Page.  I'd say progress has been made, but that's about it.

Decorate Kitchen, Craft Room, Spare Room

Very happy to say that all three rooms got decorated!  You can see the kitchen here.  I haven't managed any decent pictures of the craft room and spare room yet - but I will aim to rectify the situation and show you.  You can see a sneak peak of the craft room here but it needs a bit  (lot) more tidying and sorting effort!
As a bonus, the hall, stairs and landing was also decorated - pictures here.  You can see any house progress documented so far on my Home Improvement Page.
[UPDATE: spare room pictures have finally been uploaded here.]

Make an Item of Clothing - something I actually wear in public

Quite annoyed with myself about this one.  I spent ages working on a toile for a really simple top.  I completely over-thought it and made it too complicated.  Eventually I started on the top in the final fabric, but I haven't finished it!!  Also, I signed up to an evening course on pattern cutting and garment making, which would have definitely seen me ticking this goal off.  However, on the very day I was due to scamper my way to the college, they called to say it had been cancelled - grrr!  I was gutted.  So, I'm going to carry this goal over to 2015.

Cook Better Dinners - more variety, planned better, healthy (some of the time)

Hmm - well, didn't really do this one at all!

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - worry less and be more chilled and laid-back

Don't know about this one - just asked the Lumberjack and we have concluded that I might be a bit more chilled but, as he said, "we all have our moments"!

Escape the Rat Race - in a good way (not losing my job or dying!)

Nah, didn't manage this one - still plodding along at the same job, which isn't surprising due to my complete lack of a plan.  Although, actually there were redundancies at my work in 2014 so I could have lost my job - eeek!  So, I'm grateful that didn't happen!

Ok... now I've bored you all to tears... here are my 2015 goals:

Make an Item of Clothing - something I actually wear in public (carried over)
Finish some Crafty WIPs - would be good to get at least one finished off
Use it or Lose it - start using craft supplies rather than hoarding them
Decorate Conservatory, Utility Nook, Downstairs Toilet - and be better at blogging about it!
Escape the Rat Race - in a good way (not losing my job or dying!) (carried over)
Continue to Declutter and Become More Organised

Let's see how I get on!

In case you're interested here are my 2014 and 2013 goal blog posts.

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  1. Great goals! I wish i become more organize too and I think that applying the declutter philosophy I can turn out well!

  2. Great goals for this year and you did great on last years too!! xx

  3. Great post! I have really enjoyed seeing all your redecorating and styling! - thank you for the links! Feeling very inspired! X

  4. Hell yes. 2014 was the year of decluttering and organising for me too and I think we both nailed that one. There's so much less crap in our apartment, and I really don't know how I lived with so much stuff before! I'm not 100% there yet. Still some stuff to do before April :P

    I'm also trying not to sweat the small stuff. I think it's a thing that comes with age too. When I was younger I cared so much about what other people thought, but now I'm doing things for me. I care a bit less about other people because let's be honest, if they have such a negative opinion, they're not worth being friends with. You know, other than cheeky WhatsApp messages.

  5. Good luck with your goals, I have a few myself...I guess most people have ;-)

    kind regards,


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