Sunday 31 August 2014

Pinwheel Pot Holder

If you read crochet blogs, then you will read Sandra's Cherry Heart.  And if you don't, you will once you check it out!

Last week she posted the most gorgeous pot holder.  I could say that it influenced my pot holder above, but it didn't just influence it.  I completely and blatantly copied it as closely as possible!  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I'd seen these online here and there before, but it was only seeing Sandra's in those beautiful colours that made me need to make one.

I'd not done any crocheting for a while - the Lumberjack said he was worried about me the other day!  (The hall, stairs, landing and spare-room decoration is underway, so things are all chaotic and I've not been in the right frame of mind for crafting.)  This was the push I needed, though, and I dug out my cotton and bamboo cotton stash (and an acrylic yellow) and got crocheting!

I used the pattern that Sandra linked to, but made alterations so that it matched Sandra's pot holder.  These are the changes I made:

  • To change the pinwheel to 6 points/petals (rather than the 7 in the pattern), I did 11 dc into the initial ring, rather than 13.  That gives you 12 dc (if you count the ch 3 as the first dc).  Then follow the directions but create 6 petals, which will happen naturally as you've got 12 rather than 14 stitches into the ring.
  • The pattern then says to do 4 rows, but I continued on in the same way until I'd done 6 rows.
  • Then I did the round of sc around the whole shape.  The pattern says to crochet two petals together at the tip of the fold.  I didn't actually crochet the stitches together, though, I sc them individually as I went round.  (I think if they'd been crocheted together the gaps between petals would have closed up more, so it depends on what look you're after.)  For an idea of how far down I crocheted on each petal, I went up to and including the 9th stitch on each side of the stitch at the tip of the point.
  • I then did a second round of sc around the whole shape, not in the pattern.  I started at one petal point, where I chained 10 to create a loop.  I then sc around the shape until I got back to the initial point, then sc 10 around my ch 10 loop to finish off.  In hindsight, the loop could have been a bit bigger.
Now I've just got to find somewhere to hang it.  (Rest assured, no dirty old pot is coming anywhere near it!)

Thanks to Sandra for her blog full of beautiful inspiration.  I hope you don't mind me copying you so completely!

Thanks to all who read and comment here - I always enjoy reading your comments.  It was interesting to hear your views on my last post, and I think I might try to introduce a little touch of gold here and there in my home!


  1. Oh that is one beautiful pot holder! I have actually not seen these before. Hm I think I need to scrub up on my pot holder knowledge. Pinterest here I come... x

  2. Wow that is lovely!! Glad you back in a crafty frame of mind :-)

  3. It's beautiful and far too pretty to let a pot near it! I agree, Sandra's blog is lovely.
    Marianne x

  4. It's gorgeous, loving the colours
    Clare x

  5. I was just about to say, I was trying to figure out how well a pot would fair on that (gorgeous) pinwheel! I was about to stupidly ask, "wouldn't it be very wobbily?", but alas, it is for eyeball pleasure. A sigh of relief. It is beautiful.

  6. It's lovely! Don't you love it too, when you have the colours you need already in stash - always a big plus! Thanks for all the lovely mentions too - you're making me blush here! <3 :)

    Sandra x

  7. It is so beautiful !! Lovely colors :)

  8. That is gorgeous! I totally agree-far too lovely to let a dirty pot near it! I am going to check out those links now thank you for sharing,
    Alison xx

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Hi Maria, I love your pot holder, so sweet xxx

  11. I never put dirty pots on top of mine but use it on my dining room table to place a hot dish as in casserole on to protect the table. Have several in season colours and different patterns . But this pattern I would love to try


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