Sunday 9 March 2014

Kitchen Transformation! (Part 2)

Thanks for the lovely comments on Part 1 of the 'Kitchen Transformation'!  I've managed to get some more photos to show you around the room a bit more!

You've seen this main shot...

The kitchen has now been filled with a few bits and bobs - trying not to clutter it too much!

This is a (blurry) picture of how the window side used to look:

You can see on the right that the oven used to be there in the corner, at the end.  Strange cooking right in the corner of the room like that.

This was it ripped out with the gas for the oven moved, and the electrics wired up:

And now...!

(We still need to get a blind.)  Where the oven used to be on the right, we now have open shelves to fit under the slope of the roof (where the stairs go above).  This is a little tea/coffee station!

The empty kilner jar is for demerara sugar, but I'd run out!

The old view looking towards the door out to the hallway:

How it looks now (slightly different angle):

I want to replace that door for a panelled one, but will do that when we decorate the hall.

The old view looking towards the door to the lounge/diner:



On the left is a integrated fridge freezer, then next to it a tall larder cupboard - so much storage in there, it's great!  The door used to open into the kitchen which was so annoying, encroaching on the space.  It now opens into the dining half of the lounge/diner, but is a bi-fold so it tucks into the corner out of the way.  (As I have been typing this fancy knobs have been added to the door by the lumberjack - but the light isn't good to take a pic now!  They are the same knobs we used on the dresser makeover, which you can see here.  There were two left over, so very handy.  This means that on the dining side, the door knob matches the dresser, and on the kitchen side it matches the colour of the walls - perfect!)

One last shot of the oven alcove:

Maybe I should have shined up the hood!!

So, there you have it!


  1. Maria what a transformation, well done, it is absolutely stunning. I bet you cannot wait to get cooking all those wonderful creations. Honestly you have created a perfect space for cooking in your lovely home, no wonder you are pleased. Have a wonderful week ahead and thank you for your lovely comments Maria.
    Big hugs and loves to you

  2. It looks gorgeous, such a transformation. I love how you have made the most of all the space, it looks fab :) x x x x

  3. You have done an amazing job, it really looks so totally different and much much more user friendly now that you have completed the work. I hope that you love working in there and that you enjoy all that new storage!! When we moved into our house the oven was in one corner and the hob in the diagonal opposite corner by the back door out of the house - it must have been a fashion at some point!! xx

  4. It looks great Maria! I especially like the coffee corner! Nice.What blind are you thinking? Also the built in fridge and larder wall looks very smart. I would just get a chair and park myself permanently in there and just sit and admire how lovey it is! Anna x

  5. This is such an improvement. It looks bigger and brighter. I love the transformation! So charming!

  6. Hey it all looks so good, thanks for showing us around! I love your bird tea-towel hooks! You should make a roman blind for your window :o)

  7. Ah that looks so fab! I bet you are so pleased with it. I wish mine will look at least half as good as that when it's done. Bet you're glad to be the other side of it. Cannot wait until I am too!

    Take care

    Vanessa xxx

  8. Such prettyness! Love the blue combined with the wooden countertop, and with the grey oven alcove.. Oh and the tea/coffee station, how wonderful! Can I live in your kitchen please? ;-)

  9. What a stunning transformation. I love it. I'm sure you'll really enjoy cooking in there, x

  10. Those cheery colours! And I adore, adore, adore the tea and coffee station! That's something that will be perfection for husband for when we eventually get a grown up place of our own. After we eventually grow up. You're making me want to buy a house now. Thanks.

    xx A


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