Thursday 20 February 2014

Master Bedroom Transformation

What?!  Bedroom...?  Aren't you doing up the kitchen??  Well, yes - but I never did show off the bedroom decoration we did last Summer.

Firstly, I loved all the comments on my post with my kitchen colour inspiration ideas, they were great reading!  Thanks guys.  You can see from my last post that we didn't go quite as bold - we decided to tone it down just a touch.  It's a bit of a lighter version of the inspiration colour - although it looks different in different lights.  Sometimes it looks more blue, and sometimes more turquoise.  Nevertheless, no matter what colour it is looking, it works really well with the kitchen and we love it!

(And Sam - I loved what you said about the number of days I could cross of my calendar when we got rid of the old kitchen - I hadn't even thought of that!!  Although, when I mentioned it to the Lumberjack he didn't think I could count it, as we were replacing it with a new kitchen, so it's not decluttering... hmmm maybe he's right!)

A few finishing touches to be done, then I will hopefully be able to do a full reveal!

In the meantime, this is how the master bedroom looked when we came to view the house (estate agent picture):

An old lady's bedroom!  Although, that retro furniture style is very popular at the moment - maybe we should have tried to get our hands on it!

Well, we had the old electric heaters removed and central heating installed.  We stripped the wallpaper...

I was a bit rubbish at the wallpaper-stripping, so the Lumberjack did most of it.  I stepped in for the painting (and to pose for photos!).

We painted, had new carpet put down, white wooden venetian blinds fitted... and this is how it looks now:

I had a massive tidy-up the other day, so thought I'd take some pictures while it was tidy!  It was in the morning, before I went to work - so the light probably isn't ideal.  The walls are painted in 'duck egg' by Wickes - which isn't actually what I would call duck egg, it's more of a light aqua which is what we wanted.  (Although it looks blueish in these pics - why are some colours so hard to photograph?!)

The main reason I hadn't shown pictures yet was that things like the cushions and lampshades are from my bedroom in my old flat, where I had bright colours.  We just used them temporarily, but haven't decided what to replace them with.  But I just figured I might as well show the room as it is, as it'll probably never be completely finished!

Ikea Hemnes chest of drawers.  (The bedding is very creased - I can't be bothered to iron bedding!)

Crochet heart garland on the mirror - see here

That little shelf is an Ikea picture ledge.  I had what I (modestly) think of as the genius idea of using it as a little perfume shelf!

Genius, I tell you!

The dressing table is Ikea Malm, with an Ikea Ingolf Stool.

Ikea Hemnes bedside tables and a longer version of the Ikea picture ledge above the bed.  (Yes, we've spent a lot of time in Ikea since buying this house!!)

I still need to sort out what's going on the picture ledge - they are just a random selection of items - more work to be done on that...

To the right of the picture above, is the door do the wardrobe (was airing cupboard) which has the hair station on it.  And next to that, not pictured (because it had some of the Lumberjack's junk on it!) is the chest of drawers he painted.

Anyway, that's the bedroom!  It still needs a bit of work - I think it needs manning up a bit really.  Although the Lumberjack doesn't seem to mind the pink!


  1. What a total transformation! It looks so fresh and pretty now, its lovely!
    Love the colour on the walls too.
    Gill xx

  2. It looks lovely now!! Very pretty, and just girly enough, but not too much. I think that the lamps and touches of bring colour add to the room by the way! xx

  3. I actually really like the pop of bright colour just to sharpen up the cool tranquillity.

  4. I agree with RedSetter - the brights dotted around look perfect!! Your bedroom looks fantastic, I love the bed set you have (I certainly don't iron bedding either). Could we ask Lumberjack to reconsider his opinion on the 'old kitchen de-clutter to mark loads of days off your calendar' subject? We have to make things work in our favour! I clear out clothes and send them to charity, and consider that a declutter. Then go out and buy new ones :0) xxxx

  5. OMG what a transformation. It is beautiful. Love the 'blue' colour and I think the lampshades and cushions really work with it. Stunning, x

  6. Oh man Maria, what can I say? A beautiful transformation! Srsly, what a difference compared to the old lady room before. I love that you switched the bed around - MUCH more inviting into the bedroom. And I must say, considering the amount of IKEA stuff you mentioned, it in no way looks IKEA. So you nailed that one.

    I had a little idea for the picture shelf over your bed - if you have any prints or posters, you could tape them a couple of inches above the shelf (with none other than the one and only washi tape), and give a lovely layered effect behind your little love picture frame. Just an idea! No pressure! But I will be emotionally crushed if you don't.

  7. I think it looks really wonderful! The bright colours go really well with the rest of the room, in my opinion.

  8. I love before and after photos! Well done, the room looks beautiful! Love Ikea for all those basics you need when you move to a new house - and I am crazy about your bedlinen! Gorgeous! Chrissie x

  9. Hi Lovely Maria, sorry I have been absent for a few days, it has been one busy week! My goodness your bedroom is simply stunning. You have taken a nice little room and turned it into a masterpiece. I adore the colours you have used and the furniture, so clean and chic, well done - you are so talented Maria. Have a lovely weekend, sending you big hugs and loves

  10. It is lovely! I think your colourful lampshades and cushions really work. And the picture shelf is a good investment. I bought one as well on my last trip to IKEA. Only needs to be hung up.. there is where it all falls! xx

  11. WOW! Such an amazing transformation! It used to be so boring and lame and now it looks just amazing! Love the attention in details! Congrats!

  12. Love ALL your improvements, but the master bedroom is my fave!


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