Friday 22 November 2013

Washi Tape Christmas Tags

I finally bought myself some washi tape - after looking longingly at other bloggers' washi tape projects for some time.  I was never quite sure what I'd actually do with it if I got some - but Christmas Tags were the answer!

I used Word to make a page of tag shapes with 'Merry Christmas' in grey typed into them.  I printed onto white card, cut out, then taped away!  A hole punch and some bakers twine, and the tags were complete.  Easy and fun!

One set of colours to match one wrapping paper design:

And a different set to match another:

Very pleased with them!  Although the red gingham tape has been peeling off a bit which is annoying, and I'm not sure whether it's a common issue with washi tape or not.  (Anyone know?)  The other ones seem ok and are staying stuck down.

So, that's good progress on my Christmas prep - but I need to make some more and try to keep up the momentum!

Thanks for the lovely comments on my star jar covers!


  1. I now know what to do with my washi tape, I've nominated you for a blogging award here if you have time to join in that would be great, no worries if you are too busy!

  2. I have been baffled by washi tape for some time but I love your tags - great idea. When I wrap my Christmas pressies I rarely get the papaer and tags matching! Sam xx

  3. They look great! I bought lots of washi tape too, but so far have only used it to stick down envelopes. Need to get some more festive ones!

  4. I love them! A brilliant idea, and it could be adapted to tags year round, too! I think I might climb aboard the washi bandwagon now...Chrissie x

  5. These look great, well done you. Ive bought some washi tape for the first time as well, youve inspired me to have a go at some of these. Thanks for sharing. :o)

  6. Perfect project Maria. I will deffo be doing this this year for Christmas! I just ODed on wrapping paper this week so I can't wait to sit down and make corresponding tags. Because I get excited over silly stuff like that.

    p.s. I've found that some cheaper washi tape peels off easily (not calling you cheap obv. There are some crappy washi tapes out there). I've found the washi tape from Tiger is horrific. Don't even bother buying it.

  7. Love these! Such a lovely idea and love the colour combination :D


  8. They look fab-u-lous. I'm really quite inspired now. I think it's inferior tape that doesn't stick so well - I have a couple of rolls I bought via eBay and they are completely rubbish. Pretty but rubbish.

    Do love that reindeer paper too.

    Heather x

  9. Oh well these are rather gorgeous!!

  10. Clever! I have also looked and looked at these tapes but with no idea what to make. Your colour coordinated labels are lovely! x


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