Saturday 5 October 2013

Stripy Blanket Colours - The Results!

You voted, I counted!  Then..... I ignored you (eeek, sorry!)  Let me explain.....

Firstly... the results from the blog post were:

Option 1 (with the cherry): 10 votes
Option 2 (just blues): 4 votes

That was the 11 votes on the post, plus two more votes for the cherry from my Sister-In-Law and the Lumberjack, and one for the blues from my Mum.

The red was a clear winner!!  But... they sell the yarn I wanted (King Cole Cotton Soft) in a shop in town, so I went down to have a proper look and make my purchase.  When I looked at the cherry in real life, I wasn't keen on the colour - it didn't look like the colour I used in my post, that I'd found online.  It was more of a red-red than a cherry-red if you see what I mean - almost a cold red, if that's possible.  I wanted that warmth and depth of a cherry red, a deep slightly pinkish red maybe - but that was just not available in this yarn.  Anyway, I just couldn't buy the red they had - it wasn't right.  But, I spotted a jade colour which added a bit of depth and slight darkness to the mix.  So, these are the colours I bought:

When the Lumberjack saw them, he indignantly enquired where the red was, and was not happy with this turn of events!  Ah well...

The blanket is going to be made of double (US) / treble (UK) crochet stripes in varying widths.  I started off with a chainless foundation row.  Let me tell you, the chainless foundation is AMAZING!!  I'd read about it before, I might have even tried it once or twice, but this time I finally GOT IT.  I will never go back!  How I hate crocheting that stupid chain, and then trying to get the first row into those chain loops... not anymore - the chainless foundation is a joy!  (There are many tutorials online - I used a combination of a random number of them until I got it)

Look at it - chain and first row of double (US) crochet in one go - it's a dream!

So... I'm sorry I have defied most of you!  I hope it works out in the end, and doesn't look too cold...


  1. Love the colours, you've chosen perfectly! Chrissie x

  2. It is beautiful! Looks really nice with the different widths. And you have done loads already!
    Anna x

  3. I love the colors, had a look back at the post with the cherry & def like what you've done here more....gorgeous.Its gonna be a fab blanket
    This chainless thing sounds real interesting....will be having a go, hate the whole chain hassle too.
    Karen x

  4. Ahhhh I love it. I was so on the fence with the red, so I am secretly very happy you didn't go with it, even though I adore red. It looks amazing Maria! And I must look into this chainless foundation magic you speak of. I absolutely loathe that first piddly chain of crochet and then fighting my way through it.

    Can't wait to see MOAR. ;) xx A


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