Saturday 22 September 2012


Well, it's been a busy last week - the Lumberjack and I have had the week off work and have been away to the Isle of Wight and Somerset, visiting family.  It's so good to have a break from work!

My crafting has suffered, but I thought I'd show you the latest pile of squares for the Waterlily blanket... I'm about 10 or 11 days behind my one-a-day schedule...oops...

I have also been buying more supplies for other projects!

Oooh, more lovely colour!  I've got some cross-stitch plans waiting for these embroidery threads!

One pattern needs these colours...

Another pattern needs these colours...

Another one needs these...

And these are the extras I bought, just because I wanted to...

Now I just need to find the time to do it all!!!


  1. The crochet squares are looking lovely. You will get there :o)

  2. That looks like quite a few squares even if you aren't hitting 1 day! Very impressive :-)

  3. Oh your crochet colours are so beautiful!

    And all that thread for cross'd better get a move on ;)

    I'm the same at the moment, my mind is full of ideas for Xmas makes but I've picked up my crochet hooks again and got sucked into that in the evenings! oops!

  4. Waterlily blanket progress is looking sweet! I can't wait to see the finished piece. Also can't wait for the far side of the wedding so I can crochet again.

  5. Love your colored squares!


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