Thursday 27 September 2012

All Sorts...


Doesn't that cake look delicious?  Raspberry swirl cupcake (bought not made, I'm afraid!) - it was goooood!

I've been having a massive sort and clear-out in my bedroom.  I thought I'd share a picture, as I'm taking part in Cherry Heart's Pretty Crafty Home.  This qualifies as tidying and de-cluttering - there isn't any craft involved.

Unfortunately I didn't take a before shot, but here is the after shot:

Those hooks have my colourful jewellery hanging from them - bracelets at the top, necklaces at the bottom.  That has actually been there for a while, but it's the clean tidiness that is the change!  I pulled the furniture out and hoovered behind, cleaning down the skirting boards - then I cleared and tidied the drawers and the piles of rubbish on top of them.  I actually found my watch that I'd lost a few weeks ago!  I'd thought I must have thrown it away by mistake as I'd searched high and low for it... but there it was - hiding amongst the debris!  (That might give a clue to how messy it was before!)  The spaces between units were also crammed with random things... now let's see how long before it ends up like that again!

I have also been lucky enough to win a giveaway!  Thank you so much to Helen Phillips - I was so pleased to win!  If you don't already know her, head over to her blog - it is always full of the most gorgeous photos of beautiful creations - she is very talented.

Here was my parcel, front and back...

And inside...

... a beautiful handmade big pin cushion, lovely Cath Kidston buttons and a gorgeous handmade tag (it's my little Mumsie's birthday tomorrow, so I've got the perfect use for that tag, she's going to love it - I hope she doesn't read this before then!)

Thank you so much Helen for such a lovely giveaway, I was very lucky to win.

Before I go - I have made a little something using the below selection of goodies...

Just need to take a photo of it.  It will be my September Monthly Make (in the nick of time!) along with the Swedish Chocolate balls from this post.

Until next time.......


  1. The jewellery looks great hanging like that, fab idea.
    Great pressie from Helen, always love her makes & looking forward to seeing what you make soon
    Have a sweet weekend
    Karen x

  2. Looking very good Maria, you've obviously been busy! Love how everything is so easy to see and accessible.

    S x

  3. Oh what a lot of pretty things - I love your organised jewellery. I have a small pretty necklace hanger my son's girlfriend made me, but I could with a set up like yours really... time to put my thinking hat on!

  4. Hello Maria Your newly organised room looks wonderful, love how you have displayed your jewellery so you can see it and enjoy it as well as finding it easily!
    I'm so glad that my little giveaway gifts arrived safely....your pictures are lovely!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  5. Aww that looks really tidy. I'm am making a bit more effort in the clean and tidy mission as it makes life a bit easier. However for a clutter bug like me its a bit hard.


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