Monday 21 May 2012

"The Girl Needs a Craft Room"

The subject of this post is a quote from the Lumberjack!  It was said a week ago Sunday, while he was happily immersed in motorbike racing on TV (World Superbikes, Moto GP, British Superbikes... one or all of them, who knows!) and I was happily immersed in my mini-quilt mat/runner!  In fact, the full quote went... "There are pins everywhere!  The girl needs a craft room".  I couldn't agree more!  :o)  Living in a one-bedroom flat and not having a table, I have to use my ironing board as a sewing machine station, and sew standing up.  My living room floor becomes my craft table... hence the pins scattered willy nilly in any place I happened to settle myself on the floor for any particular stage of proceedings!  There really were clusters of pins all over the place!

I just remembered that I took a picture on my phone of my living room a few months back, in the middle of a crafting session, so here it is...!  Imagine trying to sit and relax in that room?!

Well... I will continue to dream of having a craft room one day - where I can have prettiness and organisation, lovely storage showing off piles of fabric, reels of ribbon, jars of buttons... excuse me while I drift off into this lovely fantasy...!

But until then, here is the prettiness I am enjoying at the moment:

A new PiP Studio milk jug!!  Only £6.99 - I thought that wasn't too bad for a bit of PiP magic!

These fabric/ribbon/tape thingies (not sure what you call them!) that were given to me by the Lumberjack's mum, that she used on clothes she'd made for him when he was little!  We think they are from the late 70s!!

Some pretty fabric that called to me from the fabric shop in town - £1.75 for half a metre... I couldn't resist!  (It would look lovely amongst a pile of fabric in my imaginary craft room!)

And today... I spotted and bought this:

The Cross Stitcher magazine!  I've not really done any proper cross-stitching for years (apart from when I did the name on the PE bag for my friends daughter a while back).  I also don't usually buy magazines.  But for some reason, this called to me!  I Just loved those retro deer on the front - so cool!  It also comes with a kit to stitch a jubilee heart that I'll have to try to fit in around my many unfinished projects!

(Yes, that is my quilt appearing as the background in some of these pictures!  Not that I love it or anything!!!)  Hehehehe!

Oh, and just for fun here is a picture of me in a Minnie Mouse costume, from a work's fancy dress party on a boat on the Thames I went to on Friday!

It was such a good night!  Really good fun!

Well - this has been far too long and waffley today... so I will leave you now!


  1. You should be really proud of yourself that you enjoy your crafting even though you don't have much space,i have heard people say so often they would like to do this or that but have no room,you have just proven out of a little area wondrous things can evolve...well don't look too shabby as Mimmie either,killer legs lol from someone with tree trunks for legs..honestly you look great and your quilt in the background is just my colours.

  2. I too dream of a craft room, oh well maybe one day! For now I just have to make do with my tiny corner in the dining area!

    Cute Minnie outfit!


  3. Ok, I may not be able to relax in that room, but my goodness, I would have some crafting fun! Oh for a craft room... I have considered my own little craft shed!
    Fabulous outfit! Bet the lumberjack liked it!
    Becky x

  4. Some great treats! I've got the magazine and am going to have a go at the heart - I've never used soluble canvas so that should be fun. Love the quilt - I used many of the fabrics in mine!

  5. I think alot of ladies will agree with that comment! I am lucky enough to have a craft room, but it is so so so untidy and rammed full that i can't get in there to work, so I still use the floor! Love Katie xx


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