Thursday 24 November 2011

Ta Dah and Ta Dah!

No... it's not the baby blanket ta dah - although I have finished it - yay!  I love it!  I'm gazing adoringly over at it now...aaahhhh.  Just haven't taken photos yet... and won't do the ta dah post until after I've given it to my brother and sister-in-law.  So you'll have to wait!!  :o)

To keep you going, here are pictures of a felt stars hanging decoration I made for my sister-in-law as one of the presents I gave for her baby shower.  It is to hang in the nursery...

Poor light as usual... so excuse the dingy photos...

I don't know how many pictures you need to see of three felt stars - but there you go!!  Overkill!!!  :o)

I have also quickly whipped up a little tealight jar jacket thingymabob!  And this actually was a quick easy project that turned out to be quick and easy - phew!  I'd seen them on Coco Rose Diaries and Bunny Mummy blogs... and got the pattern from Nature Nut Notes.

I made it with an 8mm hook, to try to make it a bit looser and more holey, to let the light through...

I absolutely love it - it looks so pretty lit up!!  

Wow - loads of photos today!!!

I've still got to tell you about a couple of wins, and about a blog award (thank you Rhi!!!)  I will do that next time!

Bye for now...


  1. Love your makes as always - that candle holder jacket thingy is fab!

    You're welcome for the award, very well deserved!

    Rhi x x

  2. The star garland is lovely Maria, love the spotty ribbon! Bet she loved it :) The candle cover is great too - how pretty it looks with all the light shining through! Looking forward to the blankety ta-dah! Have a great weekend xxx

  3. Love the felt stars, they are fab! The candlelight looks so pretty coming through the jacket - love it! x

  4. Lovely, LOVELY crochet! Soooo pretty! Now want to see lovely crochet blanket too, please!
    Very pretty felt hearts, such a lucky little nephew to have a very talented auntie making his room oh so welcoming for his arrival. Bet you can't wait?!
    Becky x

  5. So pretty! Thank you for linking to me!


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