Sunday 6 November 2011

Flower Keyring

I wrote this yesterday and meant to post it then!..........

Sorry - it's been two weeks since my last post - where did the time go?!

Well, I've been doing another bit of Saturday morning crafting in bed - love it!  This is what I have produced:

It's a flower keyring, stuffed with lavender, for a friend.  The picture is a bit dark - not much chance for bright photos these days!

I'm hoping my friend will like it - it's just a little something...

I'm going to a fireworks thing at her house tonight - should be good fun, and at least we can hide indoors if it's raining!

Hope you all have a fun weekend!


  1. That is so nice Maria. I am sure your friend will really like it!!!

    Love Mum

  2. Lovely, the wee pearl beads are a beautiful touch!!
    Karen x

  3. That's so pretty! Your friend will love it x

  4. Really cute, love the dotty ribbon! Hope you enjoy the fireworks :) xxx

  5. So cute and bet it smells great.
    Sorry I haven't been in touch recently. Will email soon. Hope all is well with you.
    Becky x

  6. Im sure your friend will be over the moon to receive this! After reading your kind post on my blog I thought Id come to "visit" you! Glad I did, everything here is gorgeous! Im now a follower! x


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