Monday 17 October 2011

What I've Been Up To...

Well, I've been busy painting my living room!  I'd been thinking of doing it for months, but couldn't bring myself to go through the hassle of actually doing it.  I was lying in bed on Saturday morning and I suddenly decided that the time had come!  Off I went to Homebase, bought a pot of paint and got to work!

I am loving it!  It is a Crown Naturals colour called Snowdrop, and looks so light and bright!  My living room doesn't get a lot of light (you may have read me whinging about my dingy flat in the past!) so this light colour really brightens it.  It was a light beigey colour before - which did look nice, and I did like it, but this is just lovely!  And it was time for a change, as I last painted it 5 and 1/2 years ago when I moved in.

I've still got one more coat to go on one wall - the most fiddley wall which has the window and the radiator on - lots of awkward places to try to paint around.  Typically I had painted that one wall a bit of a darker colour last time, so it needs three coats.  It would be the tricky wall that needs an extra coat - delightful!

I also had a family meal yesterday, to celebrate my brother's 30th birthday, which was lovely.  He is a big fan of sweets, so I made him this as an extra present:

I filled the bowl with blue shredded tissue paper and sweets.  I made the letters out of card and stuck them onto acetate, so that they were bobbing about above the bowl.

A bit more crochet has been done on the cowl and the baby blanket - but I will save that for another post!

Bye for now...


  1. Gosh you must have been up early this morning to post this!! (unless it was scheduled of course). Well done for finding the motivation to paint your walls, things like that take a lot of effort... All that furniture moving for a start! Looking forward to seeing the crochet progress too :)

  2. Oh i would love a pressie like that, so imaginative. Good luck with the rest of your painting, my entire house could do with a brush up, will i get to it though!!!!!!
    Lots of love Karen x

  3. Yummy gift! I bet it didn't last long!
    Our living room was painted about 7 years ago with two soft tones of beige, which I loved at the time, but now I'm a little bored with. I would love to paint it but just don't have the time (I should confess that we forgot to paint a wall, behind a sliding door, and have never got round to painting it to match the rest of the room!)
    Becky x


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